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Paradise Island

In sitting here writing today’s post, all I can think is: Good lord, get that girl some Vitamin D — STAT!

women's one-piece swimsuit with cut-out

Just kidding. But seriously.


Two weeks ago, my family and I traveled down to Paradise Island in the Bahamas to celebrate my dad’s birthday at the Atlantis resort.

Have you been? It was a blast — and I have quite a few photos to share.

Between my schedule and everyone’s jobs, it’s been downright impossible for us to schedule one big vacation together (yes, even over the holidays — I was in Asia last year). It was really awesome to be able to spend so much time together all at once, as a result. On International waters, no less, so we were all forced to have a little digital detox.

… But, I mean, you know those family vacations go… 48 hours in and you’re ready to hop on that return flight.

(I’m exaggerating, Mom. Love you!)

stylish beach pool cover-upsvineyard vines cover-up

In addition, sunshine was a welcome reprieve from the ruthless, lengthy winter we’ve been having.

I think I spent 90 percent of the trip in my bathing suit and/or something light and breezy, like this waterfall tassel cardigan. And believe it or not, I didn’t even pack heels (in the suitcase that I carried on, naturally), which you’ll note in the next few days worth of posts.

In fact, the one-piece bathing suit that I brought was the foundation for most of my outfits the entire trip.

straw clutch for summer

I know that sounds gross, but I promise I was hygienic about it.

…Did I just go there and I didn’t even need to? Whatever. We’re all friends here.

cute one-piece bathing suitsstylish one-piece bathing suits

The cut is flattering, the high neckline is unexpected and the suit can even double as a top or bodysuit for a night out. (This confused the men on our trip, but that’s okay. All-in-all, it was the perfect piece for transitioning from swimming at the beach to dining in style.

I packed a two-piece suit from Triangl, too, but I wore that one mainly when the day’s agenda entailed planting my ass in the sand for hours and focusing on not getting questionable tan lines.

cute fedora for summer

Yet again this year, though, the one-piece seems to be the “fashion-forward” choice of swimsuit season. (YAAAAS CARBS!)

And to be honest, this is a trend that took me up until this year to try. I’m not sure why, exactly — but I imagine it’s because I absolutely loathe bathing suit shopping. Or I used to, at least.

stylish one piece suits for summer

Bikinis might still dominate most beach bods, but I daresay a one-piece makes a bit of a bolder swimsuit statement.

What are your thoughts on the suit of the season? Do you have one?

Zappos has a lot of amazing options, if you’re looking to get your shop on. That’s how I found the brand of the suit I’m wearing — so thankful (kind of) for wine-infused late-night web browses!

Some more specific suggestions are below — including my favorite styles from brands including Norma KamaliMara Hoffman and Vitamin A.

stylish one-piece swimsuits

*In this post:

Hat: San Diego Hat Company via Zappos (comes in three colors)
Bathing suit: KAMALIKULTURE via Zappos (more styles here)
Waterfall tassel cardigan: c/o Vineyard Vines
Embossed flip-flops: Vineyard Vines
Straw clutch: Vineyard Vines

one-piece cut-out swimsuit

*Shop the trendone-piece bathing suits

*Buy at: Zappos | Shopbop
*Brands: Norma Kamali | Mara HoffmanMiraclesuit | Vitamin A
*Click to browse and buy:

Photos taken by my sister, Lisa Wilson

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