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If it Ain’t Broke

I was mindlessly waiting in a coffee shop over the weekend when I looked up (from my phone, I confess) and saw a quote scribbled neatly on a chalkboard that really struck a chord with me…


… “Beware the barrenness of a busy life.”

Too true, right?

I mean, if you’re anything like me — at least once every week you have a day where you feel like you got nothing done, despite being “super swamped.”


Yesterday was one of those days. I didn’t start writing today’s post until 11:58 p.m. — despite having to wake up early this morning to catch a flight, and, of course, not being packed. (Fuck, that reminds me; my clothes are still downstairs in the washer!)

Perhaps this is partially because I was karaoking my way through the grocery store not too long ag0, which you know if you follow me on snapchat (@coralsncognacs). I digress…


Believe it or not, starting a blog post is really hard for me.

How am I supposed to tell you in the most creative and engaging manner possible that I’ve worn this dress, like, 26 times in the last six weeks? (Seriously, though, I’d say it’s around that amount. You agree?)


Though this time-around, instead of stressing, I just started writing.

A topic that’s been on my mind a lot lately has been the notion simplicity; and how, maybe even ironically, it’s one of the hardest things for me to grasp — especially when I feel my energy being pulled in a million different directions.

Whether it’s a weekend-free agenda or a no frills dress and perfect pair of pumps that you can put on and wear anywhere (and that you do), or even just a simple, few sentence blog post — there’s a lot of beauty in simplicity.

best-dresses-for-spring-easy-style nude-spring-dresses

I think too often we focus on hacking away at our massive to-do lists, but what if instead of chasing down on the noble art of getting EVERYTHING done, we clear our plate by leaving things undone? It’s like, you eliminate the clutter and noise — the internal and external non-essentials — so you can focus on what really matters.

It’s a very freeing thing to know that you can finish something by simply choosing to be done with it.


So, that said… I’m keeping it short and sweet today (kind of) as I’m en route to Chicago for a few days. I haven’t been back in, man — I don’t even know how long. A full year, I think? So excited!

I’m teaching at SoulCycle on Tuesday night (at the Old town location), so come ride with me if you’re local. It’s at 8:30 p.m. sharp, and this one is a can’t miss, you guys… Reserve your bike at noon CST today.

Back to you later this week from the Windy City. Have a great (and freakin’ amazingly simple) Monday, my friends.


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