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Perfect Hair Day

Having worked in advertising for much of my post-graduate life (pre-SoulCycle), I like to think I’m somewhat immune to the consumer marketing ploys of beauty brands….


But when there’s a product on the market that promises Your Best Hair Day, you give it a go. Am I right?


About a month ago — in late December — I made my way to XO Studio, a hair salon on Chicago’s northern side. I was scheduled to have a cut and consultation with salon’s Owner and Creative Director, Charlie. (This was set up by Living Proof, a line of hair products I’ve worked with and used for a few years now — remember the everyday curls hair tutorial?)

XO is my kind of salon – laid-back and just the right amount of noisy, candid conversation. Charlie and I chatted for a while about how he quit his corporate job to ultimately open the studio – something I could totally relate to having made the foray into nearly a year prior.

At any rate, the topic of conversation eventually turned to hair. My hair, more specifically.


I learned about Living Proof’s complete collection of products — and specifically, which would work best for my hair type and needs. (I have always used the “Full” and “No Frizz” collections in the past.)

I explained to Charlie that my schedule requires me to sweat (at least) once every day, and I was beginning to feel like I was stripping my hair from washing it so much.

Some days, I teach up to three classes in a day – and often times, I have less than 12 hours over each day before I’m back at it again the following morning. As a result, I don’t like to wash my hair all that much. (Why bother, you know?)


Thus, Charlie and I agree that I was a perfect test case for one of Living Proof’s most popular product lines: Perfect hair Day (PhD).

PhD is a revolutionary hair solution (shampoo, conditioner, Night Cap Perfector) that’s patented by the brand’s Healthy Hair Molecule – a fancy way of saying it delivers all the benefits of “Your Best Hair Day:” Volume, conditioning, strength, smoothness and so on. Not only does it claim make your hair healthier overall, it keeps it cleaner for longer. The ideal scenario, no?

So, I set out to try it for myself.


I’ve been using the products (shampoo and conditioner, Night Cap Perfect0r and 5-in-1 Style Extender) consistently for the last few weeks. I’m down to three or four shampoos each week (with the frequent aid of PhD Dry Shampoo), and I can honestly say that my hair feels fresher, cleaner and bouncier. Accordingly, results are instant but actually improve your hair over time.

So – over time – that’s what I’ll continue doing. For now, I’m liking PhD, but I’ll switch back-and-forth between the Living Proof products that Charlie recommended to me last month (all listed below) so that we can compare the difference between them — and find the one that’s best for you.

In sum, though: As far as shampoo and conditioner sets go, PhD may a bit pricier than your standard grocery store alternative – but considering you’ll wash your hair less frequently (and it’ll improve over time), it kinda evens out.


What are your hair woes? Have you tried Living Proof’s PhD collection? What did you think? (It also comes in a travel-sized package, so you can test it out guilt-free.)

Back to you with more hair care discoveries soon, my friends!


*Shop the Living Proof collection:

PhD shampoo and conditioner, $24-25
PhD dry shampoo, $12
PhD Night Cap Perfector, $28
PhD 5-in-1 styling treatment, $27
PhD travel-sized introductory kit, $29

*Read more on the brand’s science-backed stats on Living Proof’s blog


Thanks to Living Proof for partnering on this post

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