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As Soon As You’re Ready

Do you ever read something over and over and then all of a sudden it resonates with you in a completely different way?

corals + cognacs shares style inspiration on how to style an off the shoulder sweater in summer

I do this a fair amount, randomly — skim my favorite books twice, re-read magazines, scroll my Pinterest board for inspiration on a Monday morning, and so on.

Randomly, though, I came across a notion that I’ve most certainly read before, but for some reason it’s sitting differently this week…

topshop jean shorts with the pockets showing

“It will arrive as soon as you’re ready.”

Simple concept, right? You’ve heard it in some way, shape or form, for sure. But does it strike a different chord with you, too?

ripped jean shorts and summer sweater chicago blogger corals + cognacs shows how to wear a white sweater in summer leather shopper bag tote by ecco

I’ve felt somewhat scattered lately… And if you’re nodding or feeling the same, know that it’s totally normal given the recent shift of the seasons, which physically disrupts your body’s rhythm and tends to shift you into a different one.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing, just something to be aware of (and okay with).

bowtruss coffee roaster in chicago on rush street

Here’s an example, and I’ll be honest: My apartment is a fucking mess. There’s just no other way to put it.

I still have to furnish half of it (you may notice in my Snapchats that I don’t have much furniture), so there’s that, but I have actually realized lately that this particular aspect may be holding me back in other areas of my life without my even realizing it. You know?

corals + cognacs wearing a lou & grey sweater for women

On the bright side, I suppose, only having a semi-furnished home forces me to get out of my own four corners and into the city.

hallie wilson wearing a cute summer outfit for nighttime when it's cold

I’ve gotten into a flow of tossing on an outfit such as this almost every time I head out the door: Distressed jean shorts, a white mesh-stitch sweater (assuming it isn’t 90 degrees, which it hasn’t been) and a versatile leather tote.

It’s fresh, simple and lets off a bit of that laid-back beach vibe (perfect in that I live a few blocks from Chicago’s lakefront). This sweater in particular is the perfect piece — it’s great to wear no matter the weather.

the perfect summer outfit of ripped jean shorts for women soulcycle instrutor hallie wilson cute white sweater for summer cute white sweater for summer from lou & grey leather shopper bag tote by ecco

Anyway… As you sip your morning coffee (afternoon tea, whatever), consider this:

Instead of having such a laser-focus idea on the next big-ticket life item you think you want (whether it’s work-related, relationship-focused, etc), hone in on the things you need to cross off your list or do for you in order to get there. If something you want hasn’t come to you yet, it’s probably because you’re not quite ready — physically, mentally or emotionally. Perhaps a hybrid of the three. Don’t stress, just make the mental adjustment and your reality will follow.

Kinda deep for a Wednesday morning, but f–k it. You can relate, can’t you?

bowtruss coffee chicago rush street

Now, off to shop for a living room coffee table… Who knew this was such a tedious process?



Mesh-stitch sweater: Lou & Grey (would suggest sizing down)
Distressed jean shorts: Topshop (runs true-to-size, I’m wearing a 6)
Leather espadrille wedges: Loeffler Randall (also comes in black)
Leather tote: Ecco (obsessed with the bucket bag version)


Hair styling: Living Proof’s No Frizz collection (get the introductory kit here)
Foundation: bareMinerals Complexion Rescue in ‘Desert’
Lipstick: NARS satin lip pencil in ‘Rikugien
Nail polish: Shellac ‘Cream Puff’ (the best white!)
Mascara: bareMinerals

cute jean shorts and sweater outfit


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