Lollapalooza Festival Style: Off-the-Shoulder Romper

Festival Fashion: On Owning Humidity Hair (and What You Wear)

I’m way out of my comfort zone today, you guys…

hallie wilson chicago lifestyle blogger wearing a white romper to lollapalooza in the summer for festival season

… And by that, I mean I’m wearing a romper. Ha!

white crepe romper from missguided cute for coachella or lollapalooza festival fashion

Generally, I tend to steer clear of le jumpsuit — they don’t always look great on us petite gals — and, well, I have a very small bladder. Just being honest.

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to rock this white one-piece to my favorite music festival of the year, though: Lollapalooza!

off-the-shoulder white romper for women perfect for festival style what to wear to lollapalooza or coachella festival rebecca minkoff crossbody fringe bag and steve madden rizzaa lace-up sandals

Chicago’s largest music festival is four days this year, and you best believe I’ll be getting my dance on downtown each and every single day. (God help me — yes, I’m already hydrating.)

As such, I’ve been planning my outfits accordingly: So far, this off-the-shoulder romper and a comfortable gladiator sandals (a la Steve Madden ‘Rizzaa’) have made the cut.

missguided romper cute festival style for lollapalooza in chicago summer

“Festival fashion” has accumulated a rather bad reputation over time — and we’ll get to why — but at the end of the day, it’s all about your ability to just let loose. If you can raise your arms, jump up and down, dance your ass off and let your festival freak flag fly, wear it.

(PS: On another note, humidity hair is so f’ing real. Just own it!)

corals and cognacs wearing a white romper from missguided to lollapalooza music festival


In light of this weekend — and by request from many of you — here’s my advice for making the most of festival season.

Whether you’re Lolla-bound this weekend (look for me!) or not, I think you’ll find these of use. (Feel free to add your own advice in the comments, too.)

*Ten tips to crushing festival season:

  • Pack zip-lock bags. If you don’t, it will rain and you will ruin your phone. Trust.
  • Don’t wear brand new shoes. Make sure they’re flat, comfortable and you can wear them all day.
  • Bring your own water bottle, too — this one from bobble has a built-in filter.  I have two of them!
  • Pack a back-up phone charger, like one of these mophies. I always have a’mini powerstation‘ with me… Keep that Snapchat game strong!
  • SPF, my friends. And sunglasses. Duh. These go without saying, right? I like these mirrored sunglasses from Illesteva (which are $120 off at Nordstrom right now — in lots of colors). Score.
  • If you decide to wear shorts instead of a romper or dress (pockets FTW), make sure they’re not up your ass… Seriously. Denim cut-offs are cute, but they don’t qualify as underwear. And with that…
  • Mind your clothing proportions. If you’re doing short-shorts, that’s cool. But save the crop top for another day (wherein, I dunno, you wear some overalls).
  • Bring a backpack or go with a good-sized cross-body handbag — because hands-free is the way to go. I like this one from Rebecca Minkoff for this year, but I’ve also carried this one in the past.
  • Here’s where festival style gets that bad rap: Limit yourself to wearing only one trend — whether it’s tribal print, fringe, boho, crochet… Whatever. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing, and piling on the trendy threads is a really common faux paus at music festivals. (Or anywhere, really.)
  • Hydrate! Whether you’re planning to party hard or just to be out in the sun all weekend, make sure you read these thirteen tips and tricks on how to avoid a hangover and/or dehydration.

*Shop my Lollapalooza must-haves:


We’re halfway to Friday, my friends… Hell yeah! Check back tomorrow to see how I’m kicking off the weekend. (Hint: Super-simple, DIY Champagne Campaign.)

music festival fashion advice do's and don'ts



White off-the-shoulder romper: Missguided (under $80)
Lace-up sandals: Steve Madden ‘Rizzaa’ (also in black)
Cross-body handbag: Rebecca Minkoff (in four more colors here)

Foundation: bareMinerals Complexion Rescue in ‘Desert’
Lipstick: NARS matte lip pencil in ‘Never Say Never’
Nail polish: Shellac ‘Cream Puff’ (the best white!)

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cross-body handbags to wear to music festivals


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