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Don’t Quit Your Daydream

I have a confession: I didn’t check my e-mail once over the past weekend.

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Another confession? I didn’t feel bad about it. And I never do.


hallie wilson corals and cognacs wearing an off the shoulder blouse from haute hippie for work with jean shorts

But like, real talk: Lately, do you feel like you start all your e-mails or messages with “Hi, sorry for the delay!”

Yeah, oops.

I’m so guilty of it, too.

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Honestly, though. Is that such a bad thing?

how to style shorts for the office work style

Consider this: Your computer works a lot better when you restart it, no? Or rather, when you shut it down at night and re-boot it again in the morning.

It’s like a way to you a CTRL+ALT+Delete situation entirely… Simply by reseting — so-to-speak.

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It sounds nuts, maybe. I know. And I harp on the idea of disconnecting and recalibrating (over summer especially) all the time. But it’s important! Do you ever just take time for yourself? To get shit done for you?

blogger corals + cognacs wearing a cream colored off the shoulder silk blouse and green cotton jean shorts from dl 1961

I have been working non-freakin’-stop the past four weeks. Like, teaching upwards of fifteen classes with rarely a day off (at SoulCycle, which translates to around a 60-hour work-week).

I love what I do — obviously — but there’s nothing quite like working ’round the clock to really show you that you just need some space. You know?


daydreamer hat fedora from eugenia kim nyc

Creatively, this is a struggle for me. And I bet you face it too.

We have so many passions and ideas and the like, but we just don’t have the time or brainpower to weight which are more important or feasible than the others. So they just, kinda, stay there. In our heads.


chicago blogger hallie wilson wearing a eugenia kim daydreamer boater hat

For me, since my schedule doesn’t allow me to get away for a quick week/end like I used to, so that element of escapism now comes in the simpler form of a daydream.

An idea, a creative spark — or what have you… The ingredients of a daydream are that little piece of time where we can get lost in our imagination.


Generally speaking, my most creative ideas come to me when I’m least expecting them. It’s almost like you can peek into what you want your life to look like when you actually believe it has no boundaries or limits…

Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

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If you knew that all that stood between you and making your daydream happen is the shit you make up in your head, what would you do differently?

daydreamer boat fedora hat from eugenia kim

So go ‘head, girls. Daydream. Let your mind wander off.

Often times, it’s the moments we take to do nothing at all that everything seems to fall into place.

hallie wilson wearing a haute hippe off the shoulder blouse and green cotton jean shorts from dl 1961

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