Six Guaranteed Ways to Get Out of a Funk

How to Get Out of a Funk (…These Work Every Time!)

All right, let’s be real: Is everyone just goin’ through it this week or what?

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Maybe it’s the weather — it’s been raining here in Chicago — or the fact that no one is ready to talk about how summer is just about over. Either way, though, I think we’re ramping up into that weird in-between season where we all seem to feel a little disconnected or unsettled.

I started to notice it when my SoulCycle students had been a bit more noticeably quite in class this week.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing by any means. Do you ever have a workout (or commute, day, night — whatever; anything, really), where you just feel like keeping to yourself? Totes.

Personally, I can relate.

The past few days I have been in a bit of a funk… I guess.

It’s not like I’m not sad or depressed or even in a bad mood. I’m just — like, in a funk. It’s this hard-to-explain, not-as-pleasant period where I feel super disconnected and exhausted and unmotivated. And not knowing the source just kinda dampens my spirit.

You know the feeling?

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I was watching a video of Britney Spears this morning doing a preview of her Carpool Karaoke (which, by the way, is the best).

Have you seen it? Homegirl is straight up lip-syncing the car. LOL! And you know what? She gives no fucks. None. She’s got nothing to prove, nobody to impress and as a result of that, she’s the happiest she’s ever been. You go, B.


It’s totally normal that we all have off days from time-to-time. (Yet in the case of Queen B, I think she had an off-year — remember 2007? Shiiiit…)

Barring the occasional tragedy, though, an “off day” is really only as such if you decide to stay in that particular frame of mine. As Martha Washington so aptly put it, your happiness (or misery) ultimately depends on your personal dispositions, not so much your circumstances.

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So, how do you turn an unpleasant day into a better, more productive one?

Here’s six things I do to get out of a funk:

  • Connect with other people. And I’m not talking about dropping comments along your News Feed. Get outta there and make real, actual human connections. Do you ever notice how the people around directly you affect your mood? (For better or for worse?) Even just talking to the barista at your coffee shop can put you in a better mood.  (Or, you know — sharing this post with a friend. You never know!)
  • Make someone else’s day. Guys, this life is a team effort. As is evidenced in the point above, when one of us goes through it, chances are many of the rest of us are too. So whether you pay it forward in person or over social media, pump out a little love and kindness and you’ll feel a whole lot better. Expressing gratitude is proven to increase your health and happiness. (Start by sharing this post with a friend who needs it, perhaps?)
  • Read or watch something powerful. Books, movies and even YouTube videos have this awesome power to transport us and provide a perspective far removed from our own; and in doing so, unlock emotions we may be keeping pent-up. Go ahead, have yourself a good ‘ol scream or cry.
  • Listen to music. This is my No. 1, which probably won’t surprise you. As a result, I made you a playlist that I think you’ll really enjoy at the office, during your commute and so on. (point No. 2 in action!) I created it in a way wherein I’d suggest listening to it in the order (rather than on shuffle). So click here, put on your headphones, crank that shit up and hit play.
  • Go somewhere. Take yourself out to lunch, try a new workout or something of that sort. Or if you can, indulge yourself in a little getaway. (And if you can’t away, get daydreamin’.)  If you think about it, our emotions and behaviors are heavily cued by our environment (think about that sinking feeling you get when you walk into work), so even if it’s just for five minutes, take away your all-too-familiar environmental cues and replace them with unfamiliar ones. Just go somewhere — you’ll be surmised at how you’re able to tap into different parts of yourself.
  • Give yourself a break. Feeling this way is human nature, and more often than not simply being aware of what you’re feeling will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed or swallowed by it. Instead of comparing, complaining or criticizing, try appreciating. (There’s that G word again, gratitude.) After all, without those valleys, you wouldn’t know your peaks. Right?

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Tell me: How do you turn your day around? Any additional tips and tricks to share? Leave ’em in the comments below.

Here’s to having a hell of week. We’re in this together, fam (and we’re halfway to Friday). In the meantime, here (/below) is that playlist for you… Listen, sing, feel, enjoy! 

Love you, mean it,



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Leather tote: Ecco (obsessed with the bucket bag version)


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Nail polish: Shellac ‘Cream Puff’ (the best white!)
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