Cool Sh*t to Share, Vol. 19 - Among Other Things

Cool Sh*t to Share, Vol. 19

Happy Friday, you guys. I hope you’ve found a handful of opportunities to feel good this week… Quite simply.

Before we get into it, I need to tell you that some VERY big (and very permanent) changes are coming to the site next Friday. I’m anxious about them, but I’ve been working so hard (and so quietly) on them for the last six months. I’m really excited to share ’em with you, but I’ll let you in on more details next week.

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Now, let’s get to today’s links.

Peaks & Pits

Pit: Well, I think this goes without saying, but it’s been a hard week. Shit. Beyond my own political beliefs, it’s hard to see so many people in pain over the chaos, uncertainty and heartbreak circulating our nation… This sucks. And it’s really scary. It feels impossible (and ridiculous, even) to believe that last week we were all in such high spirits over here celebrating the Cubs’ World Series victory. At any rate, as a side-note, if anyone needs an outlet or even just a little digital pep-talk, you are always welcome to e-mail me. I’ve got two eyes and two ears, so don’t hesitate.

Peak: As a silver lining, I suppose, SoulCycle classes have been unbelievable this week. It’s really inspiring to see a group of people (many of whom have never met) push and encourage each other beyond their own self-defined limits. Emotion can be productive if you let it!


Here are this week’s links:

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