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Monday Musings: Little Love Notes

Happy Monday, guys. Here’s to looking forward at a fresh start this week — and another little morning musing to help you kick yours off on a more inspired note.


First-off, here’s some food for thought: I read over the weekend that the average person checks their phone around 30 times per day… And the average Millennial more than 150 times per day. (!)

Honest question: When’s the last time you took a moment to write someone a note? I’m not talking about a card you drop into the box at someone’s wedding reception, but like, a totally random sentiment along the lines of “thought of you” or “just because?”

Related question: When’s the last time you received one? And how good did it feel? (I remember mine: Jess sent me a card back when she was in Paris. Just ’cause. It made my whole day.)


For better or for worse, our world is becoming a lot more digital by the day, which means the tangible act of physically writing someone a note has become a pretty outdated sentiment.

Remember the feeling you’d get in grade-school when someone would quietly pass you a carefully folded up in class? That was the best. The best! (Ahhh, simpler times…)

I love sending mail. I spend a lot of my time writing by nature of what I do, so perhaps you can just chalk it up to an occupational hazard. Cards and stationery create a connection that quick, digital forms of communication can never touch, don’t you think?

And, okay, I’ll admit it: I f***ing love me some stationery. Shopping for it, sending it, receiving it… All of it.


I was at the Mac & Cheese festival in Chicago a week ago (yes, such a thing exists!) and one of the sponsors — StudioInk — had a really cool pop-up activation there, which they invited me to check out.

I didn’t realize just how familiar I was with the brand, but I’ve actually been buying their cards and paper products for awhile now. (You probably do too — you can find ’em at Walgreens, CVS or other stores near you here; and if you’re like me, you’ve just never really noticed the brand’s logo on the back of them.)

In case you’re not familiar, though: StudioInk is Hallmark’s more modern sister, in short. The cards are cute, quirky and most are only $2.49 — which, admittedly, is why I’ve gotten into the habit of (unknowingly) stocking up on them over time.


Anyway, at the event, they had tons of colorful cards for any and every occasion lining the walls, and they were encouraging festival-goers to take a moment to pick one (or two), write a quick note and address it to a loved one. Then, they took care of mailing all of the cards out at the end of the event. Just because.

Simple, but so impactful. Cool, right? I’ve been thinking about it ever since I left the event.


Right now, especially, there is so much shit to think and articulate and say that it actually almost feels impossible to do so at all. Don’t you think?

So… What do you do when you feel helpless?


It might feel challenging to channel your energy away from the chaos of the recent few weeks and into a more positive, forward-looking direction this week, but I hope you can try to. And if you don’t know where to start (as mentinoed, I admittedly haven’t), why not just start by making someone else’s day a little bit brighter?

Pick up a card (or just grab a post-it, honestly), and share some love, gratitude or even better — a “just because.” Good people are a gift. One act of kindness inspires another, and so on.

Kindness is a ripple effect
and we could use a lot more of it in this world.


PS: I’m putting my preach into practice, too. E-mail me your address and I’ll take some time to drop you a little love note, too. (I promise, I’m not a creep and I won’t spam ya.)

PPS: Have a great week, guys. I can’t tell exactly what just what yet, but there’s a lot to look forward to around here this week… In four days, actually. Change is coming… We’ll chat about it as the week goes on.


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