Why You Shoudl Be Using a Retinol Cream Before Bed

The MVP of My Nighttime Skincare Regime

Ever since I entered my 30’s, I’ve gotten much better about my nighttime skincare regime.

I don’t know about you, but my skin gets very fussy with the turn of the season. In the winter, it transforms into a haute hybrid of red, patchy dry spots (cute, right?) that ultimately end up making my skin looking duller and, well, older than it should.


Ever since I entered my 30’s, I’ve gotten much better about my nighttime skincare regime — and I’ve somewhat recently added a new product to the mix that I wanted to talk to you about today.

First off, though, question: Are you using a retinol product? Because you should be. Regardless of your age (in my opinion).


I’m a long-time fan of Murad skincare, so when the brand reached out and asked me to test-drive their new Retinol Youth Renewal Serum, I jumped at the chance – especially given that anti-aging is at the forefront of my skincare concerns, as mentioned.

A bit about my skin, if you don’t know: I have combination skin, which prone to breakouts and dry in some spots, but has a tendency to get oily in others. While I don’t have deep lines just yet (#blessed), I definitely don’t want them, so I’ve been putting in the preventative effort now. Regardless, I’m still seeing a few signs of aging.

…That’s life, you know?


Let’s back up a bit:

I never grew up as much of a beauty buff, but getting older and working in fitness (i.e. sweating for a living), has forced me to be much more mindful about what products and creams I lather on my face.

In the near decade-long battle of my wallet and I in “Lessons Learned in Spending $200 at Sephora,” I’ve finally learned that when it comes to my face, I don’t mind splurging. And I’ve found that my favorite skincare products are the ones that do what they say – plain and simple. You put ‘em on at night and love the little differences you see in the mirror the next morning. That’s what really matters, right?

This is especially important if you’re keen on anti-aging products like I am. Clock’s tickin’ — we don’t have time (or money) to waste testing product after product after product.


About the product:

Murad’s Retinol Youth Renewal Serum quickly and visibly minimizes signs of aging, leaving you (us!) with more vibrant, youthful looking skin… Or so it says.

So I put it to the test.

Fast-forward more than a month after I started using the product (in October.) I’ve been applying the Renewal Serum (a thin layer to my face before bed, followed by a moisturizer), and here are the biggest benefits I’ve seen week-over-week when I wake up in the morning and look in the mirror.


Week One:

  • In general, the product feels lightweight and non-sticky. “Nice to use,” I’d say.
  • Oh, that’s good — It doesn’t have a bad smell, either.
  • Wait, okay! After only one week of use, I’m noticing a difference in the softness of my skin. All right!

Week Two:

  • I’m beginning to notice that most mornings (if I’ve drank enough water the day before), my skin looks more vibrant, more supple and feels (even) softer.
  • My skin has an overall smoother appearance and feels/looks more like the skin of my youth.

Week Three:

  • Someone this morning said I was glowing… Which came closely before a pretty inapporpriate comment that I’ll refrain from repeating here. (But, hey — I’ll take it!)
  • Oh, hell yeah! The fine lines around my eyes and forehead are starting to diminish.
  • I’m noticing that a little bit goes a long way (I’m not even a third of the way through the bottle), so the results are worth every penny.

Week Four: 

  • Despite the effects cold air tends to have on my skin, I’m waking up and really liking what I see in the mirror. My cheeks are less red, and overall my complexion softer and more vibrant.

In sum, I’m happy (but unsurprised) to report that Murad’s Retinol Youth Renewal Serum delivers on the promise of giving you more youthful looking skin. Isn’t it refreshing to find a skincare product (or brand overall, in my experience) that actually delivers on it’s marketing promises?

Now, in full disclosure: I’m fortunate that I had the opportunity to try this product on behalf of the brand, but I’ll be purchasing it as soon as I run out to keep it in my nighttime skincare regime.

If you’re looking to revamp your skincare routine (and winter is the perfect time to do so), or are just wanting to add anti-aging into your skincare regime (it’s never too early – or too late), I can’t recommend this product enough. Genuinely so. Try it, give it a few weeks and let me know how you feel when you look in the mirror each morning.


Youth, activated! “… We ain’t never getting’ older!” (What song?)

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