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Cool Sh*t to Share, Vol. 24

Inspiring Instagram accounts, jeans you need, notable blogging advice and so much more.

Happy Friday, my friends.

Lots to share with you this week — spanning a wide spectrum, too; from turning passive social media mentions toward our government into action to the best blogging tips around the web.

First, of course…

Peaks & Pits:

Peak: I booked a trip to New York for a few days in February, hooray! I haven’t revisited my former city since last summer and I can’t wait to can’t wait to get back.

Pit: I haven’t had a day off from teaching in nearly two weeks, and my body has been feeling it as a result. I know I preach the importance of resting when you need to, but since my situation is a little different, I’ve been trying to be much more mindful about my recovery. (Did you see my cupping photo on Snapchat yesterday?)

This Week’s Links:

Shopping & such:


From the blogosphere:


Around the web:

  • If you ever feel stuck, unsure or helpless about turning your passive participation on social media into something more, I urge you to check out this website. It makes taking action so much easier (and they even give you a talk track).


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  • Elle

    Ah yay you are coming to NYC! That is so exciting!! Have a wonderful weekend and I hope you get a day off soon to rest your body!
    xo elle //

  • graceatwood

    Hallie, thank you SO much for linking to my post! So bummed to miss you while you are in town, but that’s just reason for you to come back! Or me to plan a trip to Chicago! XOXO

  • Such a great roundup of links! Loving your Scandal post, and reading Grace’s now! Happy weekend 🙂

    Xx Taylor

  • Gustavo Woltmann

    I just LOOOOVE your sweater! What Zara collection does it come from? Can’t find it anywhere…

  • Maggie Vincent

    Love the links from around the web, particularly the first and third!!

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