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Cool Sh*t to Share, Vol. 25

From awesome giveaways to my favorite sweaters (on sale) and oh so much more…

Friday at last, my friends. I’ve got a lot of cool sh*t to share with you this week, so let’s get to it.

outfit inspiration for wearing a boyfriend button up shirt and white jeans

(Side-note, I’m feeling a sartorial obligation to tell you up-front that the grey version of the tassel clutch I’m holding is 50% off. What!)

Okay, anyway:

Peaks & Pits:

Pit: After yesterday’s post on keeping it light, I was going to skip the “Pits” this week — but you know me, so let’s keep it real: I’ve had some residual soreness from acupuncture for the first time this week. Or said in another way, parts of my body hurt like a bitch.

(I’m working on a more in-depth post about this in general, so feel free to leave your questions about it in the comments.)

This is very normal, though, and it occurs most commonly in the hands and feat. It’s usually because of a “trigger” being released during treatment — and the trigger points I’m referring to are “Liver 3” (in your feet; used to release headaches, low back pain and more) and “Large Intestine 4” (between your thumb and forefinger; good for sinus issues, headaches, stiff upper back and neck and more). So ultimately, this is a productive side-effect… Weird names, right? Science.

Onto the week’s Peaks:

soulcycle chicago instructors hallie w and devin

Peak: (1) SoulCycle’s third studio in Chicago celebrated it’s one-year anniversary last Sunday. I taught a 90-minute Team Teach with one of my best friends and it was MADNESS, as you can see from the photo above. This is the second studio in Chicago I’ve helped to launch from Day One — it’s been equal parts incredible, inspiring and frustrating to see her grow. (Just like any job, you know?) So many awesome people have come through those doors and into my life — and I’m grateful that there are (likely) people that feel the same in-turn me. Fitness is never “just fitness.”

(2) One other thing, because I’ve got to mention it: I was really nervous about publishing yesterday’s (un-political) post. Your responses totally blew me away — and I’m thankful for the time you took to share, comment on and write me with your thoughts. Kindness is truly a ripple effect, you guys. I love our community. Thanks for making it what it is.

All right, all right. Sappy thoughts aside, let’s get to this week’s links…

(3) Oh, wait. Who’s got SuperBowl plans? I love an excuse to have a good ‘ol Sunday Funday… Here’s hoping you some awesome shit to look forward to — and remember, do it guilt-free. You deserve it.

Seriously, though. Let’s do it:

This Week’s Links:

Sales & such:

colorful handbag with tassels on it

From the blogosphere:

  • Jess launched an awesome two week-long giveaway on her site this week. Don’t miss these awesome giveaways from BaubleBar (jewelry) and Blue Mercury (skincare)! (bows & sequins)
  • I would give my left leg to raid Ashley’s closet. How awesome does she look in these boyfriend jeans? Yo give me those shoes, too, A. (Pursuit of Shoes)
  • If you enjoyed my post yesterday around the intimidating nature of discussing politics online (or choosing not to), be sure to check out two other great posts from my friends Meghan and Victoria: Meghan’s is titled “A Voice” and Victoria’s is “Words when Their are None.” Thank you, ladies. (wit + whimsy, Victoria McGinley)

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  rebecca minkoff clutch with tassels

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  • I’ve been hoping for a post about the unique ways you take care of your body (aside from sweating, balanced eating, etc.). I’d love to read a breakdown of cryotherapy, acupuncture, cupping, and anything else you do! xx

    26 and Not Counting

  • Elle

    Love these posts! You look GORGE in that photo and that pom pom clutch is so cute! Have a great weekend Hal.
    xo elle //

  • Love your outfit in the first photo, Hallie!

    Would love to read about your experience with cryotherapy as I am planning on going in the next month or so when a place opens close to my home.

    Yesterday’s post blew me away and I shared it on my blog under Friday Favorites and with many friends. Thank you for saying so eloquently what many couldn’t articulate.

    Have a great weekend, Hallie!

  • Meagan

    I’m intersted in learning about your acupuncture experience. I looked into a while ago for migraine relief but my insurance didn’t cover it.

  • SO happy Scandal is back! Happy Friday!

  • Lauren Baker

    Have you tried an acupressure mat? I’ve been dying to try one out and would like to know your thoughts.

  • I just bought the 52 Lists of Happy that you mentioned in your snap story the other day! Can’t wait to fill it up with positive vibes.

  • MK

    So excited for your acupuncture review. I’m really interested in acupuncture to reduce stress and anxiety, so I would be interested to see if you’ve seen improvement in this area.

  • congrats on da 90 minute ride sistah! Can’t wait to read about acupuncture!!!

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