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Cool Sh*t to Share, Vol. 27

My must-have spring shoe, apartment decor and more: There’s a lot to love in this week’s links.

Isn’t it weird how short weeks tend to feel the longest? (Well, I technically didn’t have Monday off for President’s Day — but I remember feeling that way when I was working my agency job.)

Anywho, before we get into it, I have to say: I’m really sorry about the radio silence around here in the last week.

I know, I know.

I’ve said this to you before.

But as you know, I just can’t force it if I’m not feeling…. Well, right — so-to-speak. You know?

I won’t get into that, but above all else I’ve been spending pretty much all of my time in at work/in the SoulCycle studio over the past two weeks. (I often have to remind myself that this is my full-time job for another employer. I taught 16 classes this week! My nap game has been strong.)

Not complaining, of course; just explaining. This transitions us nicely into this week’s Peaks & Pits, though…

Peaks & Pits:

Peak: New York City, man. I was there for three days last week and wow, it was so nice to be back! (If you didn’t know, I lived there for a few years — read what I learned in my first month living in Manhattan.) It was a really stimulating, affirming trip for me. Solo travel is good for the heart, no?

I’ll have more of an update for you next week, but I’ve got nothing but good things to share.

Pit: Over the last week, I’ve spent a lot of time with Soul’s in-house physical therapist. My tendonitis hasn’t gotten better, and it’s beginning to snake its way up my left arm and into my shoulder. (You can read the back story on that here — as well as what it taught me.)

I’ve also recently pinched nerve in my neck, which makes me look like a bit of a robot — entertaining at best. When it rains it pours, I guess, right? Ha! Both injuries have made it difficult for me to sit down at my computer for periods of time, but a weekend of R&R will have me feeling back up to speed (and a more frequent posting schedule) next week. All good!

How was your week? What are your peaks and pits? (No, seriously — I’m asking. Tell me on Twitter or in the comments below!)

Here’s what we’ve got this week:


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Sales & such:

  • My favorite this knit blanket is finally on sale — for 40% off! I have it in white but actually bought the grey color to add texture in my bedroom.
  • … And while we’re on the notion of decorating, I picked up a few of these $13 faux succulents from Nordstrom to scatter around my apartment. They look like the real deal!
  • I swear by this skin-smoothing polish (pictured below) to exfoliate my skin, but it’s especially amazing after a long week.


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  • Peak: I finally made it into crow pose at yoga last night!

    Pit: I think I might be coming down with some sort of cold, but if that’s the worst that I’m working with, I’m okay with that.

    As someone who recently got out of a 6 year relationship (and ended an engagement, at that) I really appreciate you sharing the article on closure. I couldn’t agree more when Emily says it’s important to focus on rediscovering our pre-relationship selves. I’m just trying to rediscover the best parts of that person and not the worst (we met back in college when I was 22 🙂 ). Have a great weekend, Hallie!

    26 and Not Counting

    • Yessss girl! I still can’t do crow (for more than 1.5 seconds). Congrats!

      I really liked that article too. Bookmark it for when you might need to read it again. : )

  • Joanna grenrock

    Peak: your class yesterday when you instructed us to power through the stop on the wheel. Freaking amazing!
    Pit: arguing with my daughter over the shirt she didn’t want to wear. She’s such a teenager!

    • That class was one of my favorites of the week. So nice to have you back in the studio! Have a great weekend — and good luck with the wardrobe drama. Lol!

  • Joy Geek

    Peak: Checking off most of my to-do list this week
    Pit: My runny nose

    Have you ever looked into the Whole30 program?? I know several people who have gotten rid of pesky tendinitis by following their basic eating plan.

    • That’s always the best peak of a feeling, right there!

      I didn’t even think about changing my diet to help the tendinitis. Thank you, I’m going to look into it!

      • Joy Geek

        I’d love to hear a progress report!

  • Peak: Finally getting over a week + Sinus Infection right before a gorgeous weekend here at the Jersey Shore! Hoping to spend some alone time exploring my area this weekend!

    Pit: Family issues with an Aunt who can’t understand where the rest of the family is coming from. Hoping for a good time at grandmas birthday brunch!

    Loved Gabrielle Bernstein’s article! Thank you for sharing!

    Have a great weekend, Hallie!

    • Girl, I feel you on the peak! I’ve had a lingering cold for what seems like more than a month… Glad you are feeling better! Family issues are inevitable, you know? Was your Thanksgiving dinner table a similar situation? (Meeee too…) Lol.

      Have a good weekend too, Tracy! x

  • Meghan

    Peak: my husband is being offered a job in Austin Texas right this second!!

    Pit: no one here in massachusetts knows yet and I’m going to have to tell my friends and family soon…which I’m here telling people I don’t know on the internet about my life!

    • Amazing! I’ve heard really great things about Austin… Congrats to you (both)! Your friends and family will understand — and be excited to visit when it’s winter on the East Coast. : ) Congrats to you (both)!

  • I love Murad products! They’re great for the skin.

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