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We Need to Talk: An Un-Political Post

As you might imagine, bloggers who don’t ordinarily write about politics can be intimidated by the thought of it. But hear me out…

Well, it sure has been a weird week — and one wherein I just haven’t been able to find the words to write about workouts, style and anything of the sort.

Which you’ve probably noticed.

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… Meh. I’m sorry.

As you might imagine, bloggers who don’t ordinarily write about politics can be easily intimidated by the idea of it — present company included.

I’ve kept my blog an entirely politics-free zone — which I will continue to do — but today’s topic of conversation felt necessary. And I’ll explain why.

I’ve kept our community free of my own personal partisan views, but that’s not because I don’t have an opinion; it’s because I like to keep it light. (And quite frankly, if you wanted to debate or consume political information, all you have to do these days is open your Internet browser.)

Like you, perhaps, I struggle with how to share my opinion in a way that’s informative, open-minded, meaningful and non-isolating to anyone.

And when you have a platform, voicing an opinion is really intimidating. Like, am I missing any sides of the issue? What if my readers know more about the issue than I do? Do I even know what the fuck I’m talking about?


I was actually catching up Scandal (on ABC) the other day and I found myself wondering whose political plot twists were worse: Ours? Or the show’s?

LOL. Shit. But seriously. It’s alarming how reality TV and the news are becoming one-in-the-same these days.

I digress…

As someone you choose to “spend time” with every single week (thank you!), my sole intention is to pack a positive, uplifting punch with the content I produce — without you having tap into the political parts of your brain. And I will continue to do that because I know that for many of you, this platform is an escape.

But today, I had to say something. Because I just haven’t been able to write for you guys…

It feels entirely tone-deaf to harp on about workouts and shoes and sweaters without at least acknowledging everything else that’s going on in the world, you know? (Even though those are exceptionally important topics of conversation, IMO.)


My job essentially revolves around sharing personal stories and opinions, so given my recurring bout of writer’s block (ironic as I just posted about how to get over your mental roadblocks), I realized that what I needed to do to get around it is to simply address the elephant in the room.

Sure, it’s normal to take a day or two off from sharing my stories, but I feel like so much happens every single day that it seems like we’re trying to drink through a sartorial fire hose. And as a result, I ain’t got shit to say.

Here’s been my struggle: Is it appropriate to remain happy or optimistic (about life in general) amid such large-scale circumstances? Or is that even possible? Should you not? And as someone who has a platform such as mine, is it irresponsible to — well, just ignore it?

Social media certainly doesn’t help in making us all feel like we’re amid a freakin’ descent into madness — and the heavy cloud of noisy negativity generated by the news tends to distort our views at the rest of our lives.


One of the silver linings about a situation that seems, well — fucked — is that there’s a lot of progress to be had and work to be done. (Sorry, Mom. I’m cussing a lot today. Those are words I never have trouble finding!)

I’m here, guys. I’m with you. I’m affected. I’m scared. I’m feel royally fucking confused and helpless a lot of the time, and I suppose that’s a new normal. But I don’t let myself stay there (in that mindset).

Let me answer that question for you in case you were still marinating on it: Yes, bitch. YES! It’s appropriate . It is possible (and perfectly okay) to feel happy and optimistic in-spite of the things you cannot ultimately control. I promise you.

You’ve just got to believe it to see it. (Re-read that; not a typo.)

That’s ultimately what I want you to take away from today’s post. You are allowed to feel joy — guilt-free. Every. Damn. Day. It’s okay to get yourself un-stuck from our vicious news cycle.

janessa leone mari balero hat for women

Easier said than done, sure, but here’s how I do that:

Instead of allowing myself to spiral into a sea of anger and despair, I choose to invest my energy in people, places and organizations that are gearing theirs toward creating hope, support and unity on a larger, wider-reaching scale.

I commit to finding little ways each day that make a difference — from making phone calls and donations to even just tipping my cab driver an extra few dollars.

Is that really “enough,” though? I don’t know.

To clarify, I think it’s completely okay to let your emotions drive your actions — if you’re angry, do something in a productive way. Let it fuel your fire, you know?

But I also know that sometimes all you can do is harness your time and energy in tiny ways each day to make a difference. Kindness is a ripple effect, and I hope you can find comfort in knowing what you do have control over can make a difference.


Tomorrow and next week I will return to regular, more consistent content — but I wanted to take today to take a step back, open up and apologize, I guess, for not being able to find the words until now.

If you’ve made it this far, thanks. I appreciate you reading (as always).

I’d love to hear your thoughts, concerns and opinions in the comments below — and this goes without saying, let’s be civil and kind to one another.

Let’s lift each other up, guys. When the tide rises, we all float. 

And while we’re on the notion of reminders, your life actually is really good. Like, really good. I hope you’re able to find a few ways to remind yourself of that today.

Love you. Mean it. Really, truly.

x, Hallie


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