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Cool Sh*t to Share, Vol. 30

Travel tips, words of wisdom and the navy gingham heels you need this spring… Among Other Things.

Fri-yay, at last! This week has kinda felt like whiplash, if that makes sense…

Or rather, the beginning of the week seemed to drag, but all of a sudden here we are with our weekend on the horizon. Can’t complain, there. Let’s get to it… (Oh and happy St. Patrick’s Day to my fellow Irish friends!)

Peaks & Pits:

Pit: This week’s Pit is rather specific, but I’m still laughing about it. Let me set the scene: It’s Tuesday morning, snowing sideways in Chicago. Like, crazy blizzard conditions! I’d just finished teaching up north (pretty far from my apartment) when I realized that I’d forgot my wallet at home… Due to the weather, Uber was more than $60 per ride — and $40 for Uber Pool. Hell no!

Thankfully, I ended up running into an acquaintance who gave me a $20 bill (for which I Venmo’d her). I was ready to walk, you guys… F*ck that surcharge nonsense!

Note to self: Stop changing handbags.

Peak: A shift in my schedule has enabled me to re-commit to my cross-training routine over the last few weeks, so I’ve been able to get back into my yoga groove. (I had to stop for awhile because I was teaching 15+ classes weekly — which caused me to develop a little sports injury.) It feels so good to spend a few mornings on my mat!

(On that note, here’s a compelling case for becoming a morning workout person — and how to get over any fitness-related hurdles you’re facing. Two posts I wrote earlier this year but are definitely worth the reminder.)

How was your week? Leave your peaks and pits in the comments below — I wanna know!

This Week’s Links:

Here’s what we’ve got this week:

Sales & Such

  • I’m in the market for a cute pair of perfectly distressed denim shorts, and I bought these (Blank NYC) and these (One Teaspoon) to compare/try on at home. (I love both brands — and as an FYI, One Teaspoon tends to run slightly large.)
  • Swoon. These two-tone Nike’s are awesome — and perfect timing, since I ruined a pair of sneakers in the snow this week. Oops. (That’s what I get for not looking at the forecast before leaving the apartment.)
  • Every time I wear these two-tone workout leggings (even if I’m not exercising), someone asks me where they’re from. If you don’t (yet) own any pieces from Outdoor Voices, these will be your gateway drug… Promise. I have two pairs (and counting).


Around the web:

  • … And on that note, this is the year I’m taking a solo trip. This article makes a compelling case for traveling alone, even though I’m already sold on the idea… I’m that girl that loves to go to the movies or out to eat by herself — but I want to do it across the globe!)
  • Don’t you love getting lost in Barnes & Noble? Or any bookstore, at that? Add a few of these page-turners from Grace’s March reading list to your bedside table.
  • If you’ve ever had those days where you just don’t feel pretty — and haven’t we all — read this Ask-and-Answer Piece. I tell my SoulCycle students this often — you can look good, but it’s more important to feel this way. And like the article states, “The best way to feel “pretty” (confident, calm, sure of who you are) is by resisting the urge to ask questions.” Bam. Yes! Just be.


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