Advice from a Fitness Pro: 15 Things to Remind Yourself This Week

15 Things to Remind Yourself This Week

Inspiration from the most empowering moments I’ve ever had while teaching group fitness– and why they’ll matter to you.

Officially two years teachin’ fitness… Ha! Holy shit.

High School Hallie is laughing just thinking about it. Isn’t it weird how your mini milestones sneak up in life?


When I was done teaching my regular schedule (of ratchet hip-hop and dance music) yesterday, I came home and re-read the post I wrote when I initially got into SoulCycle’s Instructor Training Program…

Which only happened after months and months of preparation, progress, failure, doubt, sweat and tears.

You can read that post in it’s entirety here, but the quick jaunt down memory lane inspired me to share a few of messages behind my favorite — and most empowering classes — from the last two years.

The shit that really sticks, you know?

Maybe not the best way to phrase that, but you know… Here they are:

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15 Powerful Things
to Remind Yourself This Week

  • Keep doing the same thing over and over if you want the same results.
  • There is a time for everything, so honor your seasons. Peaks and valleys can’t exist without one another.
  • The little things in your life are not little.

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  • This moment is it. Here. Right now — that’s where your life is. Appreciate, feel, experience, enjoy and live the hell out of it.
  • The change you want lies in the challenge… Not around it. Now the question is, are you willing to sacrifice your comfort zone to embrace it?

In SoulCycle, we talk about how our legs feel stronger and lighter after a big push, hill climb or fast sprint. You feel more capable and powerful. And ain’t that the way it goes after you go through something dark or heavy?

I know — it always feels longer when you’re going through it, but it’s never permanent. Stop thinking and just keep going. (I’m not just talking about indoor cycling, here.)


  • If you’re feeling stuck, you don’t have to stay there. And if you don’t know how, start here: Sometimes the first step to getting what you want is getting rid of what you don’t. 
  • Most of the time, there’s a reason for someone’s actions or reactions. Try to understand that it’s (probably) not personal — or about you at all.
  • Don’t neglect your path trying to end up on someone else’s.

Here’s an example of this one: Ever pull that stunt when you like a guy and “end up” at the bar you know he’s going to be at? Been there too, gals. It never works out the way you imagine, does it? Focus on being the right person — then you’re the one being found.

  • Stop putting your life on hold. Any part of it.
  • If you really listen, hearing the word “no” will teach you everything about what matters to you.
  • Just go with the flow. Let it be what it is rather than what you think it should be.

Here’s another example: Ever try to force the wrong piece into a puzzle? It doesn’t work, no matter how much you bend or alter it. Set that aside, you’ll find the piece you’re looking for.

  • Your time is really fucking important. Period.

Listen to me, damnit: Your time is the one thing you can never have, get or create more of. It matters just as much as anyone else’s. (Also, sometimes I cuss in class to see if you’re actually listening to me, SoulCycle lovelies… Hehe.)

  • Schedule your priorities — don’t prioritize your schedule.
  • You’re a human being, not a human doing. There’s nothing wrong with working and creating and striving, but when you equate your fulfillment or self-worth to how much of that to-do list you’ve crossed off each day, things get out of balance.
  • Don’t get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.



Yeah. Boom.

Now, you don’t have to answer publicly — although I’d love for you to share in the comments if you’re comfortable — but which of the above stood out most to you at the moment? And why, do you know? Or like, do you know and you just don’t want to admit to yourself that you know?

If you’re willing to open up, I bet there’s someone else reading this who is going through the same thing you are…

Come back and re-read this post in a week or two… I bet it’ll be a different quote or thought that hits you right in the feels that you glossed over and didn’t notice the first time you read this post.

… That world of ours. It keeps on movin’, you see.


Two years… Still grateful every day — to be learning, struggling, evolving, empowering and everything in between. Thank you for your continued love, support, sweat and time — even if you’ve never taken a class.

I hope you feel inspired to take a small step back and remember how fortunate (beautiful, talented, brilliant — all of it) that you are.

If you liked this post, you’ll want to read how becoming a fitness teacher has changed my life, too.

Oh, and have a really kick-ass day while you’re at it. Your whole week just might follow suit…


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