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The Workout Pants That Make You Feel Naked

You’re going to need these…

Now that the weather is improving (albeit ever so slowly), I’ve been making an effort to take at least one of my cross-training workouts outside every week.

And, admittedly, even just making an effort to cross-train once a week is a challenge.

chicago fitness instructors at soulcycle indoor cycling

By cross-train, I mean doing exercise beyond teaching my SoulCycle classes. I have to (want to!), since my body is so used to the movement of indoor cycling.

After all, ou do the same thing and you get the same results, right?


I normally do yoga or pilates as a complement, but with summer coming up I’ve been aiming to log a little more cardio.

…Now if only I could follow-through on that more consistently.

Hey, a quick sweat sesh is better than no sweat sesh at all, right?

fitness blogger wearing nulux lululemon review female lululemon ambassadors in chicago hallie wilson soulcycle chicago review of lululemon fast & free nulux best workout pants for cycling running outside

Every season, I upgrade a few pieces in my workout wardrobe to inspire me to change up my exercises a bit.

As I’ve been getting back into running, Lululemon’s newest line of “Nulux” has been my go-to. The collection is freakin’ amazing for a number of reasons:

It’s sweat-wicking, quick-drying and super light — and you’ve got to love a pair of leggings like these in their high-waisted goodness.

(In full disclosure: I was gifted pair I’m wearing in today’s post, but I’ve already gone out and bought a second of each on my own. And FYI: I normally wear a size 6 in Lulu, but I went up to an 8 so that the waistband was slightly more forgiving.)

best hiit quick workout to do in 20 minutes to burn fat chicago fitness professionals instructors at soulcycle hallie wilson health and wellness blogger lululemon fast and free workout tights nulux collection sizes

“Nulux” is ideal for sweaty workouts like spinning or HIIT — warm weather(ish) or not.

The line is available in a variety of colors and patterns — and styles, too — but as mentioned, my favorite is the “Like Nothing 7/8 Tight.”

Lit-er-ally, guys, they feel like you’re not even wearing pants. In a good way.

You know what I mean, right?

outdoor boot camp classes for women in chicago during the summer

Said another way: These are the pants you wear to work out in and on an airplane in an effort to be comfortable but not a scrub.

Get you a girl that can do both.

healthy living blogger wearing fast and free nulux bra in black from lululemon


With such a limited window of availability (and energy), the workouts I’ve been squeezing in are all HIIT (High Intensity Training Intervals) — since you get the same (or better, honestly) calorie burn and results in less amount of time time.

Here’s an example of one I’ve been doing:

Sprint to the top of the stairs and recover through a jog back down, repeating a handful of times before taking a break and then doing another set (or two — maaaybe).

chicago lifestyle blogger wearing lululemon fast and free nulux bra 7:8 tights review

Intervals such as these (or even just sprinting for 30 seconds, resting for one minute and repeating over and over) will boost your cardio capacity, strengthen your entire body and so much more.

Remember though: Shorter workouts have to be more intense.

healthy living blogger wearing fast and free nulux bra in black from lululemon

*In this post:

Clothing via Lululemon

Sports bra: Fast & Free “Nulux” bra c/o
Leggings: Fast & Free 7/8 Tights c/o (so many colors!)
White shirt: Crescent Tee
Jacket: Everyday Getaway Jacket
Sneakers: Ecco Sport


Foundation: bareMinerals Complexion Rescue in ‘Beige Natural’
Eyebrows: Anastasia mechanical brow pencil and pomade
Lip color: NARS satin lip pencil in ‘Rikugien

lululemon everyday getaway waterproof spring jacket lululemon everyday getaway jacket for women


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