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Deconstructed (In More Ways Than One)

A deconstructed look for spring — and how I worked my way out of a similar mindset.

Happy May, my friends — and at last, spring!

…Almost, at least.

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I returned home late last night from a whirlwind weekend of highs and lows at the disaster that was Fyre Festival. I’ll be doing a blog post on it later this week, but for today I’m feeling refreshed and happy to be back on the grind.

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Yellow hasn’t always been a color that I’ve gravitated to style-wise, but it’s felt like such a fresh change of pace with the season… Almost like it puts you in a sunnier state of mind, you know?

There’s something cheerful about a bright burst of color, and I swear it can have a similar mood-lifting effect on your day.

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At the moment, I’m very into romantic ruffles, flowy embellishments, off-the-shoulder shirts and anything that makes me feel a little bit fancier (for no reason at all). I’ve been taking advantage of any and every opportunity to swap my chunky knits for statement sleeves.

(Side-note, you’re looking for a few more recommendations of one-shoulder shirts for under $100, check out this one and this one. And if you’ve got a bit more of a budget, try this one and this one on for size.)

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Today’s deconstructed look is one I’m very into with the change of seasons.

And — change of pace, but that’s a great word for how I’ve felt lately… Which I’ve only recently realized.


hallie wilson chicago lifestyle blogger fyre festival

I don’t mean this in a bad way — just constructively, I suppose. Instead of chasing after the metaphorical missing puzzle piece, I’ve opted to take a mental back seat and let the moment of clarity find its way to me.


Here, let me explain explain:

Before I left for our girls’ trip to Miami last Wednesday, I’d written this blog post (today’s, actually), in the context of how I’ve felt rather stressed and scattered lately — without any actual reason, which can make you feel the most frustrated at times.

I was so excited for our vaca get-a-way, but the feeling of being so emotionally unorganized — so-to-speak — weighed heavier on me than anything else about the weekend that I was looking forward to.

You know what I mean, right? What the fuck, man?

proenza schouler ps1 tiny suede handbag

This is how I’d describe it:

Do you ever randomly get super inspired to clean out, organize and re-arrange your closet? And then once everything is out and all over the fucking place, you just kinda stare and opt instead to leave it there for a day or two because you don’t know where to start? Or where to put everything back?

That’s, like, what my brain is (was) at the moment.

Why, I’m not sure — and if I did, I’d have told you about my mid-season state-of-mind sooner — but I think it’s mainly due to burnout and trying to do way too many things at once. Burnout is a real bitch in that it creeps in before you even realize it’s coming.

Admittedly, mine has crept in a bit in the fact that I haven’t been posting much lately, but like I’ve always said, I think it’s important to take a time out, “honor your seasons” and not force yourself if it’s just not there creatively and whole-heartedly.

hallie wilson chicago lifestyle blogger fyre festival


It hit me in the cab to the airport yesterday afternoon that I realized I’d felt more relaxed, refreshed and inspired than I had in a long time. And it’s finally felt easier to write.

You’re a lot like your laptop, I guess. When you power down and re-start, it usually works a lot quicker… Just like it new.

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Off-the-shoulder blouse: Self Portrait ‘Vilcoup’ (sold out, blue and white striped version here)
White wide-leg jeans: JBRAND (similar here)
Bag: Proenza Schouler


Foundation: bareMinerals Complexion Rescue in ‘Beige Natural’
Lip color: NARS satin lip pencil in ‘Rikugien

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