Cool Sh*t to Share: Vol. 40 - Among Other Things (The Blog)

Cool Sh*t to Share: Vol. 40

So. Many. Shoes. On. Sale.

What a week, huh? Maybe it’s because the week after a short one/a holiday feels so much damn longer than the last… Either way, we made it. Finally!

I’m just about done with my post on my weight loss/diet transformation over the last two years, but I wanted to give you some time to ask any last-minute questions, specific advice, etc. If you have ’em, comment below — or feel free to e-mail me.

And please know, there are no stupid questions. Promise!

Now, I’ve got some un-be-lievable shoe sales, notable links and more to share with you this week. Scroll down — let’s get to it!

rose all day sign in chicago hampton social


Peak: Chicago summer is nearly in full-swing… One of my favorite weekend street festivals (Old Town Art Fair) is this weekend. What’s on your agenda?

Pit: My sister’s birthday is this weekend and I’m really bummed I can’t fly out for the celebration… I’ll be workin’ and teaching at SoulCycle most of the weekend.

This Week’s Links:

Shopping & such

Literally can not even: STOP IT! Revolve’s collection of tassel and pom-pom pieces is so freakin’ good. I want everything (but if I had to choose, it’d be this maxi).

Summer nights: I bought this cropped sweatshirt to wear with jean shorts this season — perfect for those nights when the sun goes down but you’re still on the beach. (It’s 40% off — no brainer, right?)

Freakin’ adorable: Had to have this wire wall hanging for my apartment… So cute and such a deal. Is it weird if I put it in my bedroom? (Lollll)

Big-time savings: Bloomingdales’ semi-annual sale just started! Get 25% off your order (including sale) with the code MAINEVENT… This includes inflatable pool floats and party accessories!

And anotha one: On the same note, Anthro is 20% off today. Good time to stock up on coffee table books, my friends. (This one is my favorite!)

Skincare: Caudalie sent me their new radiance-enhancing serum to try and I love it — anything to give my skin more of that “girl, you’re glowing!” look. I’ve been using their purifying mask 2-3 times per week for as long as I can remember.

Your legs will thank you this fall: All of these end-of-the season shoe sales, man… I found those over-the-knee Stuart Weitzman boots on sale — for more than $200 off (and in most sizes/colors). Fate, is that you? I’m fucking answering. Whatevs! (Side-note, I have a pair and they are 100% worth the investment — most comfortable boots I’ve ever owned.)

Spring cleaning: Nordstrom has some really cute items on sale in their home section. I got this basket for my bedroom — the colors are perfect!

Wedding season: … I also found this cute “Mr & Mrs” ceramic mug set on sale for $9. If you’ve got weddings galore this season (and next, even), stock up for engagement and shower gifts.

Look for less: Do you remember the Zimmermann dress I wore in my video shoot awhile back (via Snapchat)? I found a near-identical version by request — under $100.

Links I loved

Hangry AFWhat to eat after a workout, according to three experts.

Can’t help but laugh: The funniest tweets about (former FBI agent) Comey’s testimony before the Senate yesterday.

Hypothetically speaking: …If you only had 12 fucks to give every day, how would you spend them? (This chick’s quick-and-dirty blog posts are the most amazing mini pep-talks.)

Log off: Close the computer this weekend. Here’s a list of 17 books that one blogger read in 24 hours or less.

Ode to Miranda: If Sex & the City were released in our generation, Miranda Hobbes would be the “Carrie.” Agree to disagree?

Bad habits: Accordingly, breaking these 11 habits will make you a happier person. If you had to pick one each week, which would be your top two? (Mine would be neglect and control, I think. Comment with yours — let’s try it!)

Adulting is hard: Here’s a good read on how relationships change (and remain) when your girlfriends get married and/or start having kids. I can relate… You too?

Summertime Chi: I updated my Chicago city guide this week; from rooftops to happy hour, hotels and more — I got you! Anywhere you’d add to the list, local ladies? (That’s Hampton Social in the photo above.)

Eat better: Julia’s post on how she incorporates more meat into her diet — sans meat — was really insightful.


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