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Hello from Dubrovnik (+ Breaking the Silence)

Let’s catch up for a minute, shall we?

Hey there.

Happy Friday, my friends.

Writing to you from Dubrovnik, Croatia – the third stop on the beginning of a month-long Euro-trip I decided to embark on rather last-minute last week.

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First off, I should apologize.

I’m sorry that we haven’t spoken much (on the blog) as of late. Or that I haven’t had much to say. And I imagine some of you are wondering how I’ve been able to just get up and go travel for weeks at a time, yeah?


An update

I’ve typed and re-typed this time-and-time again in an effort to find a softer way to say it, but… there just isn’t.

As of about three weeks ago, I am no longer teaching at SoulCycle.

And in all honesty, I’m not ready to talk about it in detail.

I don’t know when I will be, but in the interim, I knew it was only fair to tell you what’s been going on. (However, please don’t hesitate to message me on Instagram or through e-mail if you have questions and whatnot.)

In a word, I’m… Heartbroken. Among Other Things.

It’s been a really fucking hard reality.

dream island yacht croatia sailboat rental

A quick note to those of you who ride with me in Chicago (or used to in New York and/or Short Hills), thank you so much. And I’m so sorry that this seemed so sudden and that I wasn’t able to give you a head’s up… I didn’t have one either, though.

Anyway, we’ll talk more about it eventually… For now, just know that I miss you guys. And I really miss teaching.

Again, I’m sorry for the radio silence around here lately. It’s been a weird month — and those are best spent introspectively, ya know?


… But as I’ve said to so many of you in class before – sometimes your world has to flip upside-down for you to figure out what’s actually right-side up.

So, yeah. Here we are — hashtag, life!

And here I am – on the other side of the world for a while in an effort to reacquaint myself with mine.


Before we get into a bit of travel chat, though:

I made you a playlist to communicate some of the things I haven’t been able to. I’d suggest listening to it in the order that I created it — not on shuffle… The last two songs are my favorite.

Here’s the link; hope you enjoy.

Getting Lost in the Right Direction

I have so many stories, photos, travel guides and general tips to share with you already. So far, I’ve been exploring all over Croatia — namely, Hvar, Bol, Dubrovnik and Split.

For the next few days, I’m going to enjoy what time we’ve got left on the boat we’re staying on (offline, for the most part). And when the girls that I’m traveling with head home I’m planning to stay and travel solo through Europe for another few weeks.

I’m going to Switzerland – Interlaken, Lucerne, Murren – and then to Italy – Cinque Terre, Lake Como, Venice, Florence/Tuscany, Milan, Bologna… And wherever else I feel like venturing to. (I don’t have a return ticket home just yet, ha!)

Anyway, lots of updates to come – but in the interim, I’ve been posting frequently on Instagram + IG story, so you can follow along for photos and updates there.

Blog-wise, if you have suggestions for content/travel guides/etc, leave ’em in the comments below so I can make these travel-centric posts as fun and interesting and useful as possible.

And, well, hey; here’s the silver lining – I haven’t taken a vacation for more than a few days in three years.

(Three. Years!)

I know it’s cliche, but take some time every day to remind your heart that everything happens for a reason.

It might take awhile to figure out your who’s, what’s, why’s and so on, but I know this to be true and hope you do too. So don’t rush.

… And as they say, “The cure for anything is salt water: Sweat, tears or the ocean.”

the cure for anything is salt water quote

Endless love to each of you here with me on my humble corner of the internet — and to the Chicago fitness community. And thank you very much for your patience and understanding in how private I’ve needed to be about this for now.


Happy weekend, my friends — make it a memorable one.

x Hallie




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