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The Easiest Way to Get Beachy Air-Dried Hair This Summer

Good hair day? Easier said than done… Or is it?

There are few things more thrilling than finding a product that guarantees a good hair day. Am I right?

Easier said than done.

Summer hairstyle ideas

Summertime in the city is pretty much all good things — with one caveat:

… For most of us: Our hair hates the summer weather. And that air-dried, just-left-the-beach look is hard as hell to achieve. Am I right?

(At the moment, I’m in Europe — and I’m experiencing that ten-fold in Croatia and Italy. Holy heatwave!)

before and after photos of thickening hair cream living proof beauty
As you can see in the photo above, I have a head of really thin, fine hair. And I used to think air-drying meant I had to go product-free — mainly because every root-lifting or texturizing cream, clay, serum, spray, paste and pomade left my already-limp locks looking stringy, stiff and heavy. (Worst of all, too — greasy. Remember that all-wet look from high school? Yikes!)

My beauty routine is fairly low-maintenance — and so are my showers. I’m an in-and-out kinda gal, so I usually stick with what I know just works.

Exercise has become a huge part of my life, so I pretty much have made it my life’s conquest to find the right hair products. Bonus points if they’re travel-sized, too, given my current get-up-and-go Euro-lifestyle.


I found Living Proof’s line of Perfect hair Day (PhD) products way back in the beginning of 2016. I was at a salon in a northern neighborhood of Chicago when the salon owner, Charlie, introduced me to the brand. And changed my life.

Okay, that’s a bit dramatic… But really, I haven’t strayed from their hair products ever since.

(You can read that story here, though.)

Chicago blogger Hallie Wilson sharing summer haircare tips

Not long after said discovery, I discovered and instantly grew an obsession with Living Proof’s “Perfect hair Day” dry shampoo (from the same collection, PhD). I have one in both of my gym bags — plus two or three in my beauty cabinet at home. Honestly.

All-in-all, my hair and I have been in a very happy relationship ever since. Smoothin sailin’, my friends.

(Summer jokes, lollll… Had to.)


Not long ago, Living Proof reached out and asked if I’d heard of their most recent mane miracle-worker — the In-Shower Styler. I hadn’t, but was rightfully intrigued. They invited me to put away my hair drying and take a one-week Air Dry Challenge using In-Shower Styler, and with it being full-on humid-as-hell this season, I jumped at the opportunity. (Who really loves to heat-style their hair in the summer, anyway?)

In sum, I’ve been putting this product to good use — because you guys, it works.

It might even be my new favorite Living Proof product.

Yes, that’s a bold statement — and yes, this is a paid post from one of my long-time brand partners/sponsors — but quite simply, I’m not BS’ing.


I’ve been working with Living Proof for more than two years now and every single time I try one of their products, I find the same sentiment rings true. I can’t tell you how many Sephora hauls I’ve made to restock my collection in that time. But like I mentioned, when you find a brand that makes products that works — or rather, just does what it promises to — why not?

I’ve never found a line of hair products that actually plumps my flat, baby-fine hair and makes it generally easier to manage.

All right, I’ll get off my soapbox.

So, anyway, challenge accepted. One week without heat styling (using the In-Shower Styler every time I washed my hair). Here’s what happened.

… Or, no. Wait.

First, the before:

Here are some shots of how my hair looked before I started using the In-Shower Styler product — admittedly, it’s pretty dull, lifeless and flat.

best products for fine flat hair before and after photosbeauty blogger before and after photos review of living proof phd living proof phd in shower styler before and after photos

No bueno.


Now, the after:

living proof in-shower styler reviewChicago blogger Hallie Wilson sharing summer haircare tips


You see the difference, right?

I relied a lot on the product recently over Lollapalooza weekend (which is when I took these photos — and what I wore on one of the four-day festival days.)

It’s pretty simple to use: Made to be applied in the shower (post-shampoo and conditioner), the cream enhances your natural texture — delivering “air-dried hair with natural body, softness and shine.”

Summer hairstyle with bandana

After a week of no heat-styling, here was the result — and no, I’m not lying; this wasn’t hard for me to do given that I am teaching/exercising every twelve hours or so). Plus, again — humidity. Woof.

Every time I washed my hair (usually three or four times per week), I lathered a generous amount of the In-Shower Styler hair from root to tip, lightly rinsed and towel-dried to finish.

I often go to bed with half-wet hair, if you’re wondering.

Like everything else I’ve tried from Living Proof, this In-Shower Styler situation has this science-backed technology behind it. Their patented “thickening molecule” creates body, and these magic magnetic texturizers bring out your wave, and the product’s hydrophobic resins control flyaways and add shine.

(And it actually does that. Imagine that!)


Beyond added texture and definition, the In-Shower Styler makes my mane easier to manage, too — without looking heavy or feeling like there’s a ton of product in it.

So, yep. In sum, happy hair relationship.

… Although I really wish I could get rid of the annoyingly disobedient cowlick that lingers on the left side of my face.

Baby steps.

Chicago fashion Blogger Hallie Wilson wearing NBD floral romper

With using In-Shower Styler, you can also experiment to get different styles without having to use your hot-tools. Try putting your hair into loose braids or a bun to get that just-left-the-beach-look, for example.

Gone are the days of feeling like you have to layer product over product to get that coveted texture, smoothness and shine, my girls. Bless!

Have you tried the In-Shower Styler? If not, what are your thoughts about trying it?

If you have any questions for me about the product (or brand), feel free to leave ’em in the comments below.

*In this post:

Floral romper: NBD (love this style on sale)
Denim jacket: PAIGE
Fringe backpack: Rebecca Minkoff (this Chloe one is great, too)
Blush bandana: Madewell
Ankle-strap sandals: Dolce Vita

*Favorite Living Proof products (/from today’s post):

In-Shower Styler
Perfect hair Day (PhD) dry shampoo
Perfect Hair Day (PhD) Collection


Iron & Honey Photography

Thanks to Living Proof for partnering on this post. All opinions, of course, are my own.


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