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10 Beauty Buys You Need in Your Carry-on Luggage

These 10 TSA-friendly finds are always in my carry-on luggage.

Happy Friday, my friends. At last!

I’ll post this week’s link-share series tomorrow/over the weekend, but I wanted to kick off our travel-based content in the interim with some of my favorite finds on the suitcase-friendly beauty front.

Reason being:

I posted about the eye patches that I use religiously after (and sometimes during) flights when I was in Austin last weekend and I got a ton of questions about them. Many of you actually messaged me that you’d purchased them too, so I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below. (They’re only $10 for 30 eye patch sets — such a freakin’ deal.)

Here are the TSA-friendly beauty buys always in my suitcase:


(1) Kiehl’s ‘Facial Fuel’ eye de-puffer, (2) NARS Satin lip pencil in ‘Luxembourg’, (2) NARS satin lip pecil in ‘Luxembourg‘, (3) Rose Salve lip balm, (4) Charlotte Tilbury eyebrow pencil, (5) Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt cologne, (6) Origins Activated Charcoal exfoliated cleansing powder, (7) Petitfee Gold & Snail Hydrogel eye patches, (8) Honest Company hand sanitizer spray, (9) Burberry fluid-base foundation, (10) Living Proof PhD Dry Shampoo


In an effort to be transparent, the only items above that were gifted to me to try were the Burberry foundation and Origins cleansing powder. Please know, though, that I do not post about products I don’t genuinely love and this is not a sponsored post. (One of my friends brought the eye patches to Coachella last year and we went through them in a weekend — no joke!)

With the exception of Jo Malone’s fragrant-yet-feminine cologne  all of these products are well under $30. Beyond that, I usually have GOOP’s replenishing night cream in my bag as well — it’s expensive, but something I find splurge-worthy — it’s your face, after all.

The game-changer is Origins’ Activated Charcoal exfoliated cleansing powder — it’s a powder-based face wash that also acts as the best-ever exfoliater. You simply pour the powder into your hands, add water and massage onto your face.



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