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Cool Sh*t to Share, Vol. 49

$19 leggings, the cutest cozy knits and what your airline seat of choice says about you… Among Other Things.

Hello, friends. Happy Friday!


… and Halloween weekend. And last weekend in October, shit!

When did that happen?

I was out and about for what felt like the majority of the week. On Tuesday I co-hosted the grand opening of  a luxury apartment building near downtown Chicago (on behalf of their real estate agency), and it was so wonderful to meet and see a handful of you over the course of the evening (PEAK).

Basically, that just means I was there to socialize, mingle and promote conversation/engagement among attendees. Not a bad gig, huh? I’m always so damn sick of hearing my own voice after these things, though… Haha.

While I wish the weather had been better (so much rain — and 37 degrees in the AM — PIT), I guess it’s time we prep ourselves for what’s to come.

Next week is November, after all.

(Again, shiiiiit,)

So, Halloween. Are we dressing up (and if so, as what/whom)? Any ideas to share with a fellow last-minute’r? (Jess and I were Wayne & Garth last year… We may just have to repeat!)

Off we go:


Sales & such

Sweater game strong: The cutest bow-tie, flare sleeve sweater.

Found my new winter lip balm: Albeit’s nourishing balm in “Black Cherry.” It looks really pigmented/dark, but I promise it isn’t — slightly sheer and very buildable. Under $10, too!

Ankle bootie essential: If you weren’t able to snag my favorite boots on sale at Nordstrom last week, I found them here for 30% off in two colors (and all sizes).

Chrissy’s collab: Have you seen Chrissy Teigan’s collection for Revolve? It’s cute, but overall a bit overpriced in my opinion. I  do like the black bodysuit, though.

Still knot (LOLLL) over it: Remember the belt I was obsessing over last week? It’s marked down even more — extra 60% off! I got it in the mail this week — it’s even better in person. (If you ordered it last week and want that extra 10%, just call LOFT — they should honor it no prob.)

Cute & cozy: I found this cozy turtleneck tunic while browsing Anthro’s sale this week — don’t you want to curl up in it right this second? (It retails for $128 but is marked down to ~$40 — use the code FLASH for discount.)

All hail the high waist: Here’s a cute pair of faux-leather leggings that said sweater would look a bit more dressed-up with — these are 40% off, too (at Nordstrom). I have a few pairs of pants from the brand, Lysse — they are stretchy-in-a-good-way. (FYI: I have a medium in these; better to be slightly loose than the alternative.)

#LeggingsAsPants: … And one more thing while we’re at it — because a girl can never have enough — here’s a good pair of $19 black leggings. Yes, really.




Links & the like

On-point feels: Guys, this may my be favorite thing on the Internet — EVER! This brilliant man creates a chart of his life based on certain events (first date, talking on the phone with your parents, etc) that essentially sums up all of ours.

Influencer peddling: This is one of the best articles I’ve read to-date that breaks down “influencer promiscuity” across Instagram — or how bloggers/influencers are “hiding” their #spon posts ands #ads. (Plus, it discusses everyone involved is affected: the brand, the blogger and the consumers — us!)

Body-positive: I loved ManRepeller’s opinion piece on Rihanna’s perspective about her weight gain. Major feel-good vibes. (The original article — where she talks about “the pleasuring of having a fluctuating body type” is here via TheCut.)

Airplane preferences: My GF Grace tweeted an article on what choosing a window seat on airplanes says about you last week. It’s an interesting read, but to be honest, I’d have to disagree: I actually always choose the aisle — mainly because I have a small bladder — but also because it makes me feel more in control. What about you?

Live YOUR life: A quick little Q&A-type read for anyone who feels like all of her friends are getting married and she’s “getting left behind.” (And if you don’t have time to read in-full, here’s my favorite one-liner: “Regardless of what you end up doing with your life, you have to reject this image of you, all alone, left in the dust.” Yes!)




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