Five Things I Wear Almost Daily (and Why You Need them ASAP)

Five Things I Wear on an Almost-Daily Basis

My accidental capsule collection. From my black jeans to favorite trench, here’s why you need them too. (PS: They’re on sale!)

Is it just me, or does less suddenly (or not so, perhaps) seem like so much more in all facets of life?

blogger 37 closet clothing must haves capsule collection

Over the last year or so, I’ve developed a capsule wardrobe — but rather unintentionally so.

We’re going to talk about how this applies to Black Friday near the end of this post, so keep on scrollin’ (or make sure you’re opted in to receive e-mails when new posts go live).

Quick sale PSA, though: Many of Nordstrom’s sales have already launched! I’ll be posting my first gift guide later today, too: All are deals to score now (before the Black Friday insanity).

girl blogger wearing beige camel lightweight trenchcoat for women

If you’ve followed me or my blog for some time, you know what I mean: Said another way, I’ve toned down the crazy/trendy a bit. Remember when I used to rock insanely tall pairs of boots? Or my affinity for open-back blouses?

Don’t get me wrong, I still love a head-turning statement dress and thoughtful, bright-and-bold color pairing, but I’ve been gravitating toward simplicity on the style front — and, well, it works. It’s nice.

By definition, a “capsule wardrobe” is a curated collection made up of a handful of versatile pieces that you actually love to wear. (It’s 37 pieces, to be exact, but that’s a number I’m not married to.)

This “less is more” mantra is one I’ve applied particularly aggressively to my closet in order to whittle down the extras and ultimately never find myself at a loss for what to wear.

girl wearing Badgley mishka trench coat jacket black paige jeans bcbg bcbgeneration heels white tank top work

*Shoptrench coat | tank | black jeans | clutch (*all on sale) | pumps (under $45)


You know how you’ll buy new, fun clothes or accessories and they end up sitting unworn in your closet? Because you always reach for your old favorites (that you know will just work)? Yeah, me too. Or when you buy a new pair of shoes but use them as art instead ’cause you can’t really walk in them?

… You know the struggle, yeah?

(Guilty on lit-er-ally so many levels on that last one.)

blog girl wearing Black jeans pumps white tee beige trench coat capsule collection closet essentials

It’s been a work-in-progress, but a beneficial one nonetheless.

The irony is that I was actually able to define and understand my style more by narrowing what was in it — which leaves more time and energy spent on things that really matter (and not like tearing apart your closet trying to get dressed in the morning).

I just realized this, but I’ve owned every single item that I’m wearing in today’s post for more than a year. At minimum.


girl wearing Best black aviator sunglasses le specs prince

Here’s why they’ve each stood the test of time and remained a style staple for me:

1.  A sleek pair of black jeans or pants is — quite simply — a master of multitasking. They’re one of the few wardrobe staples that you can wear with just about anything else in your closet — as you know, because you’ve seen me in them regularly. 2. Same goes for the white tank I’m wearing. A v-neck tank or tee is always my key layering piece (and I’m heartbroken that Topshop discontinued my exact style, but this one is similar)! I always go v-neck since I’m busty/bigger up top. Let ’em breatheeeeee… Just kidding, moving right along:

J.Crew’s supima cotton v-neck is a staple, though — it’s on sale for under $20 too.

brunette girl wearing blogger capsule collection style advice

3. A versatile, lightweight trench coat is the all-time classic — le duh — and as a bonus, this one feels like a robe but still looks incredibly chic.

I’ve said this before, but I genuinely love this cute coat — it’s on sale (25% off) in three colors, too. Nordstrom has a handful of similar styles (at all price points), if that one’s not your style, but the one I have is my favorite. (Really debating the grey version, considering it aligns with my thought process above… Hm.)

4. The black clutch: My standard weekend warrior, right here; but the key is to find one that can transcend day or night — and hold all of your essentials. I just bought this $17 faux leather clutch in grey, too. I love that it has a handle and I’ve been needing a non-black clutch.

5. And of course, you know damn-well the importance of black pumps. But more importantly, the “Yes, I can walk in these Black Pumps.” This perennial fashion favorite is the go-to shoe for day or night, easily adding polish to any outfit.

Mine have a subtle mesh detailing, which adds a bit more polish to any outfit I pair them with. (They’re under $45, too!)


With continued progress, your closet will just start to…. Well, make sense.

Mistakes are part of the process, of course, and will only help you hone in on your style even more — but with this strategy, you’ll never be at a loss on what to wear.

blogger 37 closet clothing must haves capsule collection

Anyway, I guess that’s a rather long-winded way to say: Be smart when you’re shoppin’ the sale rack this week/end.

A few quick shopping tips:

Bear in mind what you already have in your closet (or who it is that you’re shopping for) as you’re getting ready to shop on Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year. If you know what you need or what it is you’re looking for specifically, you’ll avoid buying anything and everything in the heat of the frenzy simply because it’s on sale.

… And don’t worry — I’m working on a few posts to share my Cyber Week sale strategies and shopping advice; everything from categories to consider (like over-the-knee boots, leather jackets and designer jeans) to where to find the very best deals.

They’ll be up tomorrow through all of Cyber Monday week — and holy hell,  there are so many sales that have already launched! (Check out Nordstrom’s sales here.)

capsule wardrobe outfit ideas black jeans white top tank trench Top best jackets jeans shoes you need capsule collection

Make sure you’re signed up to receive e-mails from me so you can get each post and sale notification as soon as they’re live. (You can also use the form below, too; type your contact info where it says ’email’ and hit ‘subscribe.’ I won’t spam you, promise.) This is how I’m going to send out gift guides this year, too.

The first one will be up later today — it’s a round-up of great gifts to buy now (that are sure to sell out by next week). Stay tuned!

In the interim, here’s a post I wrote last year
you’ll want to check out/bookmark: 10 Tips for Shopping on Cyber Monday

Oh, and also: If you’re shopping for anything or anyone in particular this year, comment and let me know so I can factor that into my writing!


Can you wear brown belt with black pants outfit

Safe holiday travels this week, my friends! I’m headed home to Scottsdale as we speak…

*In this post: 


Long trench coat: Badgley Misckha (on sale; 25% off in three colors)
White tank top: Topshop (sold out, similar here under $32; also love this color)
Black jeans: rag & bone/JEAN (blue jean version here)
Mesh high-heel pumps: bcbgeneration (under $45)
Black clutch: Thrifted (similar here for $15; I also bought this version)

blogger girl wearing best trench coats for women fall winter


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