Shortcuts to Happiness: A Powerful Lesson from Las Vegas

Shortcuts to Happiness: A Powerful Lesson from Las Vegas

There are, in fact, shortcuts to happiness… This is one of them, which I realized around 2:30 a.m. at Omnia nightclub in Las Vegas, NV.

fashion blogger What to wear fall wedding outdoors long metallic gold wrap dress zimmermann for women

As I mentioned to you guys on Monday, I spent a few days in Las Vegas last week — a brief 48 hours to be exact.

I didn’t pack much, but I did wear this fancy gold wrap-dress for a very special occasion.

 (All the amazing, heart-warming details on that below.)

girl wearing Gold metallic wrap dress navy tassel earrings zara


(We’re gettin’ there!)

… I’ve mentioned this, but Zimmermann (the dress I’m wearing) is typically my one big brand splurge.

I thought this would be a perfect piece for those fall and winter weddings — especially paired with contrasting metallic pumps. Even through New Year’s Eve and throughout the holiday season.

Here’s a similar dress style that’s less expensive — one I might like more, TBH — but if that’s not your style I’ve linked a few others in the image widget above.

Mid long wrap cocktail dresses for women wear in las vegas to clubsMalone souliers silver gold metallic high heels wedding shoes

On the accessory front, Zappos has a ton of different silver-hued heels — and good ‘ol BaubleBar has a ton of colored tassel earrings you can choose from to match your heart’s (or event’s) delight.

I like Sam Edelman’s ‘Telsa’ heel — perfect heel height. Plus, it’s on sale.

There’s something about a metallic, liquid-metal look…

pictures Celine dion photos surprise performance steve aoki las vegas victims benefit concertwoman wearing metallic yellow gold silver dresses women new years eve outfits

I wore this dress to the #VegasStrong benefit at OMNIA nightclub, a night dedicated to honoring and raising money for the victims of the Route 91 Harvest Festival.

Quick breakdown, if you haven’t read about the fundraiser yet:

The benefit was hosted at Omnia Nightclub by Hakkasan (hospitality) Group — along with a handful of their resident DJs, which just happened to be some of my all-time favorite artists and music producers: Kaskade, Tiesto, Zedd, Steve Aoki and Cash Cash, to name a few.

One of the night’s highlights, though — are you ready for this?

Celine freakin’ Dion came to give a surprise performance.

Celine Dion! Queen!

In watching her perform, I’ve never loved someone more — she wore the most fer-osh sequin jumpsuit, danced all over the stage and sang “My Heart Will Go On;” which — of course — every single person in attendance sang along with her. (Check out all the cameras in my photo from the night below — LOL!)

All the feels, man.

On my flight west — and even once we landed, a gold-and-shiny Mandalay Bay seemingly within arm’s distance — I wasn’t sure how to feel about “celebrating” the whole ordeal.

But as the week progressed and Tuesday night rolled around, it was all smiles — from everyone in Vegas, actually.

The night-of, it quickly became clear that this was all about unity… Uniting an industry and a community over common ground and good intentions: Supporting the city of Vegas, honoring the victims and celebrating through music.

… And raising a sh*t ton of money.

Here are some of my favorite snaps from the event — I actually wasn’t on my phone that much — mainly because I wanted to really experience it all.

Those two gorgeous gals are my younger sisters — I hadn’t seen Katy (front-and-center camera snappin’ Celine, lol) in forever. The other lives in Chicago, but you know. Reunited and it feels so good!


Continue scrolling for a personal anecdote on why this event meant so much to me.

… And to find out how much $$ was raised. Any guesses?

photos from las vegas victims benefit concert omnia nightclub november 2017


On a personal level

Like you, I imagine, I love music.

God, I just love it.

Music is one of my biggest passions — listening to it, sharing it, learning to DJ it, teaching fitness through it… You name it.

In particular, I love concerts, live performances and music festivals for the simple fact thatthey bring people together. 

Pure, plain and simple.

Life has a tendency to leave us at a loss for words… Music unites us on a deeply personal level.

We dance through it.

We use it to celebrate, to remember and to heal. At times, we use it to fill the voids where words just won’t do. It’s a release, a feeling, an expression and a universally-spoken language.

girl wearing Las vegas dresses for women omnia nightclub dresscode

Maybe your “music” is something else, but whatever it is: I hope you find it, feel it, explore it, sing to it and never stop celebrating it.

There are shortcuts to happiness — and dancing to “your music” is one of them. 

Here is mine.

(… A link to my Spotify music profile, guys. Duh.)

The playlist titled “soul” is my favorite. I created it right after it happenedListen to it in order — not on shuffle — and you’ll see exactly what I mean by music as a language, an expression, a storyteller and a healer… Among Other Things.

I love ya’ll. Really do!


Thanks for reading. It meant so much to me to be in Las Vegas last week to honor,
celebrate & supplement this cause — one that will forever be humbly embedded on my heart.

steve aoki las vegas victims benefit concert novemberThis was right when we learned about the total fundraising amount… Ish. (Lol) Look at everyone’s hands!


Ah, yes… One more thing — ’cause I wanted to end on a high note.

Saved the best for last:

Between donations, ticket sales, revenue generated by attendees and performing artists, we — everyone, all together —  raised more than $1 MILLION for the Las Vegas Victims’ fund that night.

I’m sure you’re wondering (because I was too): 100% of those funds were given directly to the victims of the Route 91 Harvest Festival tragedy through a Direct Impact Fund; which — to clarify — doesn’t take any processing fees or other financial gain in their efforts to distribute relief.

Holy shit, though!

But that’s the thought I wanted to emphasize… Together.

As they say, kindness is a ripple effect…

How to style gold metallic maxi dress fall wedding las vegas

Until next time, Sin City…

Celine dion photos surprise performance steve aoki las vegas victims benefit concert

In this post:


Metallic wrap flounce dress: Zimmermann (imilar for less here)
Silver and gold heels: Malone Soulier ‘Marueen’ pumps (similar styles here)
Handbag: 3.1 Phillip Lim
Navy tassel earrings: Zara (sold out, similar in more colors here)


Foundation/skin: Burberry Fresh Glow luminous base
Lipstick: NARS satin lip pencil in ‘Luxembourg’
Nail color: OPI Big Apple Red

photos from las vegas victims benefit concert omnia nightclub november 2017



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