56 Unconventional Things to be Thankful For

56 Silly Little Things to Be Thankful For

Taking off your bra at the end of the day, though… Yep.

Happy Friday, guys. How’s the day so far?

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I don’t know about you, but I’m a bit “shopped out” from the last week. (If you’re not, you can peruse the updates I made to the shop page of the site here — just click and scroll down a bit.)

I thought I’d post something a little different for today, as a result — but we’ll get back to our weekly link series next Friday.

Beyond finishing up a few blog projects for November, I’ve been spending a lot of time getting my apartment in order — donating clothing, selling old furniture, the list goes on. Feels freakin’ good to declutter, doesn’t it?

I celebrated my birthday on Tuesday (the 28th), which really snuck up on me this year. If you share your birthday with a holiday, you definitely know what I’m talking about…

(Random little fact: I was supposed to be born on Christmas but I was born on Thanksgiving.)

black and white photo girl friends celebrating birthday

Nothing super fancy, just a fun night out with a few girlfriends. (They surprised me!) Belly laughs, group photos, whisky pitchers, cold cocktails and — of course — cake.

+ Advil, Coke diesel (regular Coca Cola), water and a sausage-egg-and-cheese.


Maybe it’s the mark of another year around the sun, as they say, or perhaps it’s the leftover Thanksgiving vibes — both, I’d imagine — but I’ve been thinking a lot about the little things that I’m grateful for (but might forget about) every day.

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Of course, I’m thankful for all of life’s larger-scale situations and scenarios — very much so — but today I’m more so talkin’ about the unconventional: The often-overlooked habits, the randomness and the mini-moments in our day-to-day.

So, in celebration of the year ahead (both mine and ours — December, ahh!), I thought the list I’ve been keeping of those silly little things I’m grateful for.


Hopefully, these musings will inspire you to jot down a few notes of gratitude of your own, too… And of course, I’d love to hear all about the random shit things you’re grateful for via the comment form below.

And YES, even if it seems trivial — you know someone else is thinking it… Probably me. So tell me!

Happy Friday, my loves. Let’s kick it off:

56 Silly Little Things to be Thankful for:


1. Waking up before your alarm goes off.

2. Taking off your bra at the end of the day.

3. Direct deposit.

4. Free shipping.

5. Living by the lake.

6. Rollerblades. (Yep. I f*cking love to rollerblade, guys; judge me!)

7. Polaroid pictures.

8. Snapchat filters.

9. A really good almond milk latte.

10. The opportunity to travel.

11. The opportunity to teach (and the feeling that I’ll be doing so again soon).

12. That feeling you get after a really good workout.

chicago fitness instructors at soulcycle indoor cycling

13. Good hair days.

14. Auto-save.

15. Inside jokes.

16. Taxi drivers who understand your sense of urgency.

17. Uber drivers who understand your taste in music.

18. Doing something that scares you shitless.

skydiving interlaken swiss alps

19. Seasonal traditions.

20. Lazy Sundays.

21. Summer Fridays.

22. That first sip of fountain pop (soda) when you’re really craving it — slash when you’re hungover.

23. Finding the “last pair!” of shoes — or anything — in your size while shopping online.

24. No lines at airport security.

25. Making new friends.

alpinraft canyoning switzerland

26. Climbing into clean, warm bed sheets.

27. Fresh-cut flowers… Just because.

28. Candles.

29. Unexpected nights out — the really memorable ones where you didn’t even plan to go out in the first place.

corals and cognacs blog at studio paris club in chicago

30. How your handwriting looks with a really good pen.

31. Growing up with siblings.

32. Thoughtful gift wrapping.

33. Apps that make life easier.

34. Tan lines.

35. The smell of a new book.

36. Syndicated television.

37. Back massages at the nail salon. (I MEAN)

38. British accents.

39. Hearing a really good story.

grey cat in chicago*I’ll tell this one through Instagram Story a bit later. Stay tuned — haha.

40. Buying a magazine at the airport.

41. An epic ending to an intense sports game. (I don’t experience this much, being that I’m from Cleveland… Lol.)

42. Happy hour specials.

43. Music.

44. Coffee table books.

45. Handwritten notes.

46. Garbage disposals.

47. Shared iPhone albums.

48. Weekends worthy of shared iPhone albums.

girls malibu pool party wedding weekend

49. Non-private Instagram accounts. (… I know you know what I mean!)

50. Finding a new binge-worthy show in Netflix.

51. Podcasts. (Any you’re loving as of late? I’ve been listening to Jess Lively’s.)

52. Sushi and wine.

BYOB Wine to Friends Sushi in Chicago

53. Listening to someone sing the national anthem. (I cry every time… Does anyone else?!)

54. That one friend that always does your hair or make-up.

55. Cancelled plans when you didn’t want to go anyway.

56. Turning 32-years-old.

There, I said it. For everyone else looking ahead to their 30’s, they’ve been some of the best, most challenging, difficult and rewarding yet.

Aging is a blessing — and so is Botox.

black and white photo birthday girl

Love ya’ll.

Now, your turn…

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