Last Minute Gift Guide: Five Great Gifts I'm Giving This Year (Again)

Five Gifts I’m Giving This Year (Again)

My favorite gifts to give (again) this year.

If your holiday shopping to-do list is anywhere near as incomplete as mine, you’ve got a few gifts left to get this year… I can’t believe Christmas is less than one week away, can you?

I’ve honed in a handful of gifts that I really, really love to give over the last few years — and mainly because I’ve bought them for myself prior.

Who’s left on your Christmas list?


Here’s what I’m gifting to friends, family and more this season (below). I’m working on making the image clickable, but for now you can just scroll down to shop each.


Five Gifts I’m Giving This Year (Again)

1. Cuyana leather travel setFor $110, you don’t get much better of a deal than this — for a high-quality, leather travel set, at least. After I bought one for myself years ago, I knew they’d be perfect presents for the lovely ladies in my life.

You can monogram ’em, too.

Buy for: Travelers, lovely ladies, mom, siblings & in-laws. 


2. 52 Lists for Happiness journal: I picked up this book when I was window shopping outside of Anthropologie earlier this year. It is — as you might imagine — another one of my favorite things to give people. With the New Year right around the corner, what better time to instill a little habit of self-love?

Another cute, similar option is this Letters to My Future Self weekly agenda.

Buy for: Dear friends and list-lovers alike.


3. Fujifilm Instax Smartphone Printer: This portable printer syncs to your smartphone so you can print Polaroid-style pictures of your favorite memories. So cool, right?

It’s by far my own favorite tech-centric purchase this year, but I love giving it as a gift to friends and family, too. (Amazon has it on sale, FYI!)

Don’t forget to grab this camera film as well.


Buy for: Siblings, newlyweds (and newly-parents), millennials, friends & family.


4. Gold wire wall gridI bought this metallic wire fixture for last year and love how modern it is. At the moment, it holds my holiday cards, but it’s usually littered with inside jokes, snail mail and — of course — Polaroid pictures. And at less than $12, this thoughtful gift won’t break the bank.

For a more personal touch, grab your gift recipient some matching gold magnet clips, too — and whatever stationery or artful prints they might find cool to include before you wrap it up.

Buy for: Card collectors and contemporary decor-lovers

Also shown: Set of 12 boxed holiday cards (on sale)


5. Roam’ city candleThere’s not much I love more than city-centric gifts… Aren’t these hometown candles the cutest? They’re natural, made of soy-wax (and in the USA).

Buy for: White elephant, office gift exchange, long-distance friends, family and just about anyone else.

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