Cool Sh*t to Share, Vol. 51 - Among Other Things (The Blog)

Cool Sh*t to Share, Vol. 51

Big savings on my favorite beauty items, great gift ideas under $10 & more… Among Other Things.

Happy Friday, gals! Here are this weeks’ links.



Sales & such

Pom-pom pumps: This might be my favorite shoe purchase in a very long time… Pointy-toe pom-pom pumps. Need I say more? (Okay, I will: I’ve been super impressed by the design of these heels — there’s a hidden platform that makes them comfortable to walk in, too! True to size.)

Festive fringe: These tassel earrings are my favorite BaubleBar design to-date.

The coziest cape: How stunning is this striped cape? And would you ever guess where it’s from!? I tried it on in-store yesterday and almost instantly laid down to take a nap… Closest (and chic’est) thing you’ll get to wearing a blanket in public.

Great gift idea under $7: A festive mini burlap tree. Cute hostess gift, right?

ICYMI: You can now shop my outfits on Instagram here — no sign-up needed whatsoever. Just click the photo for product links + details!

Affordable accessory: Got this gold wire-frame photo holder to hang my holiday cards on this year. I love it!

Designer dupe: Damn, the second I saw this shearling moto jacket I thought it was (very expensive by) Acne.

Loungewear favorites: I’ve been living in this lace-up sweatshirt (and wearing it backwards) — it pairs really well with the high-waist moto leggings I’ve been wearing the hell out of.

Make-up must-haves: Okay, so one last thing. Seven of my most-used  beauty products are on sale (15% off) at Nordstrom this week! Lemme give you the low-down on each:



Links & the like

Every bit counts: Here’s how you can help the victims of the California fires.

Resolution ready: Four powerful steps to finding success in 2018.

Fake news: A look inside the world (wide web) of Internet bots… Damn!

Co-sign: I loved Jess’s post on what she’s learned in her 30’s — and why it’s her favorite decade. (I’d have to agree…)

Mandatory reading: Patagonia is suing Donald Trump. This is why.

…Another one: Time Magazine named their annual 2017 “person” of the year this week — The Silence Breakers. Hell yeah. (I can’t get over how amazing these women — and men — look, too.) I particularly liked Taylor Swift’s interview.

‘Cause moving is stressful: A few weeks ago, I was introduced to a Chicago-based business called rentgrata. It’s a no-brainer concept that essentially gives renters the opportunity to monetize their apartment leases through an app — just by being a building resource. (I’m paraphrasing, but you can learn more here). A little extra cash never hurt around the holidays, huh?

chicago-blogger-hallie-wilson-wearing-an-outfit-to-a-holiday-christmas-party*Outfit originally posted here


Happy weekend! 

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