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All-Day Athleisure (+ a Note on Perspective)

When’s the last time you set aside time to do nothing?

Hey there, my friends! How’s it going this week?

I know, I know.

But if you’re wondering why it’s been a bit quiet ’round here the last week, today’s outfit should offer as good an explanation as any.

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Lately, most of my days have been spent running around town, teaching/riding/training at my new cycling studio (Studio Three) or standing at my make-shift DJ booth — aka kitchen counter — in a comfortable pair of kicks (all-white Nike’s for me at the moment).

Admittedly, my return to teaching after an unanticipated five month hiatus resulted in a self-imposed mess of stress at the turn of the New Year. Rightfully so, I guess, considering I spent much of that time solo, unmotivated, depressed, far away from my music library, and, well, not exercising.

(I’ll get into the post-Soul story in a few weeks — going to keep it light today.)

Seemingly, there’s always this feeling that you’re never doing enough. You know? Especially in January with the heightened pressure of resolutions and whatnot.

Oh, that lovely comparison game. Who’s guilty?

[*Raises hand.*]

But like, why? Why do we do that?

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With so many changes and new chapters on the horizon, I gave myself permission to pump the brakes, get in a groove and set some new-to-me balance boundaries.

On the blog front, my focus shifted to goal-setting and bigger-picture thinking about the type of content I want to continue creating. (Post series that are consistent, story-centric, useful and meaningful.)

And with teaching, I just explored my “new normal” — playlisting, cross-training, taking other instructors’ classes, cross-training and so on.

I also spent some time de-cluttering my space and fixing up my apartment, but that’s a post for a different day.

Hashtag, priorities. Annoying, yet necessary nonetheless.

If there’s anything I learned in the last year, it’s that if you try to do everything and be “on” all the time, the only thing you’re likely going to achieve is burnout.

… Or mixed-bag of feeling bat-shit crazy.

I’ve encountered a bit of that blogger burnout before, and when it hits, I know I just ain’t got shit to say.

And since one of my biggest blogging “commandments” is authenticity, I opted to stifle my blog-guilt (which wasn’t easy) and instead, just spend a few days away from my desk to reinstate that ever-allusive art of balance.

Plus, taking a break tends to be when my best ideas come.

Or as I’ve always liked to say…

Taking time to do nothing often brings everything else into perspective.

See you back here tomorrow, babes.

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