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“Not So Little”

Making the case for a digital detox..

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Ya’ll, that full-moon situation last week, though… I’m still not over it.

Did anyone else’s – um, life – go kinda crazy?

Mine did, I suppose.


By that, I mean my entire online life was hacked – email, apps, Chrome logins and passwords, blogging platforms… You name it.

And my friends, you have no idea how fucking enormous your online footprint is until you have to essentially erase all signs of it.

The worst of it for me, thankfully, has just been (and remains to be) that it’s insanely time-consuming.


au revoir suitcase ookonn circle luggage

So right around time last week — suffice it to say — I was happy to get out of town.

Today, I’m writing to you from the other side of the world: Melbourne, Australia.

We’ll get to that next week, but for now you can follow along on Instagram. I already have lots of fun stories and suggestions to share!

Last weekend, I spent a few in Palm Springs – completely offline – to celebrate my friend Ashley’s bachelorette and birthday. I barely wore pants or make-up all weekend, actually.

Sweatpants, hair-tied…

As Drake says.


It was one of those perfect weekends – the ones where you balance tequila shots at noon with late-night, life-affirming chats – all with a circle of old friends and new.

On a personal level, I feel like I’m finally on the up-and-up from whatever seasonal rut or funk I’ve fallen into over the last month.

The only reason I mention the personal side of it, by the way, is because I know you can all relate. There’s something about this time of year that tends to tank our moods, yeah? It never fails.

It never fails, but it always passes…

(…And here’s hoping my online luck follows suit. MEH!)

Sometimes, it’s just nice to disconnect, decompress and viscerally enjoy your surroundings — rather than constantly give into an overwhelming urge to reach for your phone and capture it.

… And believe me, that wasn’t easy, as you can see from these photos from the weekend. And believe me, that wasn’t easy, as you can see from these photos.


The little things, huh?

… Not so little.

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