Cool Sh*t to Share, Vol. 53 - Among Other Things (The Blog)

Cool Sh*t to Share, Vol. 53

Dating experiments, the perfect one-piece & my most-asked-about sneakers… Among Other Things.

Friday at last, yes!

What’s in store for the weekend, lady loves?

Here’s a quick look back at the peaks & pits of my week:

Peak: Damn, lots to love about the last few days. My dear friend Kate had her baby, for one, and I always love seeing so much girl power online (and IRL) around International Women’s Day.

Major feel-good (kick-ass) vibes heading into the weekend — hence, today’s featured photos. They’re from my friend Ashley’s bachelorette party in Palm Springs a few weeks ago — I’ll share more with you next week, but you can see her recap post here.

Pit: Despite a productive week, my to-do list is still lookin’ a mile long — and my inbox is even more daunting. Same boat for you, too? Here’s hoping this statement is no longer true come Monday… But if it is, that’s the sign of a good weekend, so hey.

Oh, and PS: If you’re Chicago-based, I’m teaching a Beyonce Remixes ride  at Studio Three on Sunday afternoon. Click here for deets/to sign up and — as always — don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. All levels are welcome; hair flips are encouraged.

(Some of you had asked, but if you’re not local I’m happy to share the playlist with you anyway — message me on Instagram!)

Onto this week’s notables — I’m especially excited about the links I have to share with you this week. Lots of gems down there.


Weekly finds, sales & such:

Bought it: Guys, I can’t believe this cute clutch is $25! It’s even cuter in person.

Color-block perfection: This pink-and-red one-piece swimsuit. That is all. (Be still, my heart!)

Cute kicks: Every week, these blush-colored Nike’s are the shoes I’m asked about most often on social media. (Or maybe I just wear them too much? Ha!)

Never enough denim: I’m v into the overall look of these skinny jeans, but especially the color/wash — and the fact that they’re under $100. (There’s a darker version here as well.)

Fiesta, fiesta: I’m off to a wedding in Mexico next weekend (Ashley’s, the bachelorette!), and I’m looking for a dress that’ll match these striped sandals. They’re super cute, but more importantly: Comfortable — thus, dance floor approved.

Au natural: I’m having a major moment with natural woven bags this season — and I love that they’re not just for the beach anymore. Shopbop has an entire section that’s worth browsing — right this way.

FYI, fam: Madwell Insiders get 15% off in stores and online this weekend! (Sign up or log in here.) And if I were you, I’d use that discount on this blue-and-white striped dress — so damn adorable.

Bookmark-worthy links & the like

The Happiness Project: Six small ways you can train your brain that’ll have a big impact on your emotional outlook.

Whole Paycheck: 10 Whole Foods products that Whole Foods employees purchase, according to one Whole Foods employee. (What a sentence that was, huh?)

It’s Complicated: Here’s what happened when one woman attempted a dating experiment: Llaying out all of her “baggage” upfront/on the first date.

Talk about it: NBA player Kevin Love shares what he learned by having a panic attack — during a game. I loved his message around “talking about it.”

Waterworks: In case you’ve ever wondered, this is what happens to your body when you cry.

Powerful opinion piece: Brian Mast — a Republican Congressman, member of the NRA and 12-year war veteran (who has seen and used assault weapons in combat) — explains why he supports a ban on them.

Click to shop what I’ve been wearing this week:


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