10 Things Every Girl Should Pack for a Summer Trip to Australia

10 Things I Wore Repeatedly in Australia

G’day! Meet my suitcase MVP’s: The shirts, (swim)suits and shorts I lived in during summer in Australia.

If you follow me on Instagram (or you’ve dropped by here lately — hi!), you probably know that I just got back from traveling through Australia for nearly three weeks.

I don’t even know where to begin, it was so wonderful. Have you been? Or are you inspired to go now?

While the beaches, food and culture varied throughout the country, there was indeed one consistency: Serious shopping.

One of my favorite things about the Australian style scene is how casual and comfortable it is — very similar to the Aussie culture itself.

The entire lifestyle translates beautifully into amazing swimwear, comfortable jumpsuits and easy denim — more often than not at a really good price point, to.

Australian labels and designers can be often overlooked by us (and our typical go-to retailers) state-side due to it’s geographical location on the other side of the world and the fact that it’s — well, always in the opposite season of what we’re in.

Thankfully, our spring/summer collections had just landed weeks prior to my trip, so I bought a few things from my favorite online retailer I knew I’d wear regularly overseas.

… All at full-price, I might add. Everything listed below is on sale (which is why I wanted to do a mini-packing post of sorts for you this week).

Nevertheless, here’s the ten things I wore most during my time in Australia… All of which are on sale.

(My hand-wash game is very strong!)

*In reverse chronological order: 10. Distressed jean shorts (also love this high-rise version), 9. High-waist black bikini bottoms, 8. Floral dress, 7. White cut-out jumpsuit, 6. Black cut-out one-piece swimsuit, 5. Striped shorts, 4. Black control-top leggings, 3. Dark denim shorts, 2. Similar white dress | 1. Circular rattan bag (not on sale but for under $55); here in black

To give you an idea how how I dressed when I was overseas:

More often than not, I’d wake up and toss on shredded denim miniskirts, a loose, striped top and — of course — a big-brimmed boater hat to hide the fact that I generally went at least two days without washing my hair. (I love the contrast of this one.)

In Sydney and Melbourne, I’d style a simple maxi dress with a similarly-colored sweater knotted over top — those were the cities we were often out exploring (shopping, drinking, eating, etc) well past sundown.

More often than not, though, I lived in a bathing suit. My black one-piece suit (that’s on sale!) was one of my most asked-about item of clothing on Instagram last month — hands-down.

For days at a time, I lived in simple leather slides or gold gladiator-style slides (on the beach) and blush-colored pointed-toe mules (in the city).  Occasionally, I’d slip on my block-heeled sandals if the night’s agenda called for it.

As for my accessories, I kept it simple: Carried a neutral-colored, oversized carry-all tote on the plane with me (in order to have all necessary electronics for a 17-hour flight), but from day-to-day I typically wore this beachy cross-body bag. I bought it on Shopbop months ago (for double what it is now), naturally.

Best of all, I think, was that I really didn’t wear any make-up — plenty of sunnies for that, these black and gold-rimmed aviators being a frequent front-runner.

Damn, I have so much to share… Still — from my last trip, I know!

As mentioned I’ll do a more in-depth packing post for Australia a bit further down the line (and one for the European countries I went to, yes!), I just wanted to share these 10 pieces (and then some) since I love them and they’re all on sale this week — and hopefully still in stock!

As for me, I didn’t allow myself to shop much of the sale this year — I did plenty of that Down Unda*. 

I did have a Shopbop merchandise credit from an old return, though, so I welcomed the excuse to buy two things I’d been eyeing for spring — this blue-and-white striped dress and the cutest little crop top.

Please fit. Please fit. Please fit!

*No one calls it that, FYI. I just liked the way it sounded. 

… I was gonna end this with a countdown to spring/summer, but let’s not get ourselves worked up, lol. How about… Daylight Saving’s Time is SO SOON, bitches!

Then, it’s basically spring. Right?

(Have a) G’day!

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