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Challenge Accepted: Head-to-Toe Under $200

… You’ll never guess where from.

Okay, gals. Today’s post is about something I’m extremely passionate about: Saving money.

Lol okay, so I’m actually talking about buying shit on sale because technically you’re saving money in the process.

So, basically the same thing. Potato, puh-ta-to.

Nika — the dog I’ve been watching for the week — and I spent the weekend wandering around the Windy City — when it wasn’t raining, at least.



The temps fluctuated from day-to-day, annoyingly; but nonetheless, I was appropriately outfitted for the occasion in head-to-toe sale finds from — are you ready? — Kohl’s.

I’m convinced that retailers like Kohl’s exists so that you almost feel like shopping is a game.

So when the brand asked me if I’d like to see if I could style a full look from head-to/toe for less than $200, I was obvs up for the challenge.


Believe it or not, though, Kohl’s and I go way back. We’ve got history.

My nostalgia for the brand is a pretty easy way to peg that I grew up in a suburban city (in Ohio).

My mom and I used to play this game called “how much can we save vs. spend” when we’d venture out on our Wednesday night dates — dragging her mom (my gram) along with us.

Always Wednesday’s, since that was Senior Citizen (additional) Discount day. Rain or shine, gram.


Over time, it wasn’t just a standing calendar invite. It was the holy grail of mother daughter grandmother activities.

Also, quick side-bar:

Why isn’t “Bargain Shopper” something you’re able to proudly display on a resume? Do people have any idea how much goal-setting, patience and persistence goes into such a feat?

Marketable qualities if I’ve ever heard ’em.

But anyway, did you know you can buy the same things at Kohl’s versus other department stores for 30% less.

I totally made that number up, but there’s a lot of truth to it.

Take my outfit, for example:

Sonoma jean jacket, $50 $34.99
Levi’s striped crewneck top, $34.50 $20.70
Levi’s white boyfriend jeans, $54.50 $44.99
LC by Lauren Conrad sunglasses$30 $18
Sonoma women’s boater hat, $32 $19.20
Sonoma tote, $50 $34.99
Circus by Sam Edelman sandals, $50 $34.99

… Yep!

I actually got these high-rise jean shorts (in “Indigo Kickflip”), a pair of nude sandals and the same Levi’s crewneck (in black stripe) — and was still just under my $200 budget (after adding two additional Kohl’s promo codes I googled around for).


Anyone else up for the challenge? And who else among my Midwestern babes goes way back with Kohl’s?

May your outfits be Insta-worthy and your checking accounts full.

In this look (c/o)

White boyfriend jeans: Levi’s
Striped crewneck shirt: Levi’s (also comes in black)
Denim jacket: Sonoma in ‘Crosshatch’ (size small); comes in six washes/colors
Women’s boater hat: Sonoma “Goods for Life”
Red sandals: Circus by Sam Edelman (in multiple colors)
Oversized tote: Sonoma “Goods for Life” (cute striped version here)
Sunglasses: LC by Lauren Conrad


Created in Partnership with Kohl’s

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