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My Offline Life: June 2018

Photos don’t (always) make the ‘gram — and a case for going with YOUR flow.

Happy Friday, friends. Can’t believe we’re wrapping up the first half of the year already… Da-yum!

Quick question of utmost importance:

Are we celebrating Fourth of July this weekend or next?



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This series used to be a regular one way back in the day — I forgot how much I loved being able to look back through them just for fun, so I’m going to bring ’em back at the end of each month.

Here’s a quick trip down memory lane — you can start with a recap from Summer 2015 and go from there, or just click here where they’re all tagged. (It’s hilarious and also mortifying to look back through super old content, haha.)


Go where you flow.

Anywho, I prefaced this in a post earlier this week, but my thing over the last few weeks in particular has been allowing myself to focus my energy where it wants to go naturally.

I like to let the photos tell the stories in this series, but here’s a little summary of where I’ve been flowing. (I seem to be opening myself up to lots of new opportunities as a result! I don’t want to jinx anything or get too far ahead of myself, so I’ve gotta stop at that.)

My offline life, June 2018

Music: This is the biggest one for me at the moment. I’m actually getting really good at DJing and mixing — almost to a point that it stresses me out, because I’m not sure if I should (or would) continue evolving it beyond a personal hobby.

This, I should point out, is ironically one of those pointless loop I spin myself into — so when it starts to happen, I just remind myself to flow. Simply.

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Mixing in general has been my favorite hobby, release, distraction, etc — you name it. I mainly use my remixes and mash-ups in my cycle classes, but after a shitload of pressure support from you guys on social media (thank you!), I finally gave in and started sharing them (+ my playlists) on Soundcloud.

I’ll be adding more as the week/end goes on — I hope you enjoy!

Oh, and here’s my June/July Spotify playlist. (Spotify somehow deleted all of my playlists last month, so sorry for the delay!)

Seeking sunshine: In the lower points of a depression or any kind of “loop,” it becomes far too easy to convince yourself to stay indoors or isolate yourself from the rest of society. I’ve gotten way too good at justifying this, so I’ll force myself to get up, put pants on and go for a walk.

Finding new habits: … This has become especially habitual for me now that I have Nika a few days each week (and sometimes over weekends).

Teaching: Hands down, I am my happiest, highest self immediately after I finish teaching (and during, of course). I imagine the endorphins have a hand in that, but on a deeper level I know it’s because it’s where I can step into the role of a healer — which is always where you the most fulfillment.

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top chicago fitness instructors studio three soulcycle hallie wilson_17

Purging: I’m almost positive that this massive creative drought of mine has been brought on by my physical space — or a very cluttered apartment.

I haven’t really felt at “home” in it for a while and everything just seems to pile up into a mess, so I’ve been spending a lot of time overhauling my space and, quite simply, getting rid of shit. I’ve done this in the past and it usually opens up an opportunity to do the same in life’s other aspects.

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Anywhere you’ve been flowing as of late?


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