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? Sh*t to Share: Introducing Take 10 ?

Can we start fresh?

Real talk.

My brain can take it 0 to ? real quick.

Sometimes I do this thing where I think myself half to death. Super great skill set, makingĀ thingsĀ ten timesĀ harder than they need to be. (Anyone else in the same boat?)

I’ve been half-ass’ing these Friday posts over the last few months. I know. And I know you know.

But now you know that I know that you know.


Legit, me. Last night.


This series used was always my favorite to write. It used to be the easiest, too — so was personal, simple, conversational!

I guess… I’ve had some weeks where I just don’t have Cool Sh*t to Share. Or any to say. So these posts haven’t had much Cool Sh*t in them at all.


So, let’s start fresh. Fuck it.

Friday’s are back to basics moving forward — on a regular basis.

My emoji game is damn strong, too, so I’m gonna embrace it.

They’re usually the simplest way to get your point across, anyway. No?

… ?



Happy Friday. Let’s take 10, babe:


?? Oh, heyyyy… Taking breaks will actually boost your productivity at work — and here are five science-backed reasons why.

? Here is your August playlist! “16 Steps” andĀ  “17 (6 am remix)” are both excellent kick-off songs.

? Six:02 slid into my DMs with a promo code for us last week. Use “SIX02FB” at checkout for 10% off your purchase. (They just launched a huge sale on workout leggings, too!)

? There’s a reason why rejection (from anyone or anything) hurtsĀ so much.

?? Mark Manson is the shit. His “F*ck yes or no” approach to dating — and life — is the best advice I’ve read in awhile.

? Truthfully, I don’t shop all that much. But there are always exceptions and it was game over this week when I realized there is now aĀ gold version of my favorite sunglasses.

? Same goes forĀ these Nike’sĀ — done deal once I finally found them on sale. My second pair (different colors)! If your size/color combo isn’t available here, hit upĀ Nordstorm — they’ll price match.

?? Florence Welch opened up about theĀ the sh*t she never thought she’d sing aboutĀ — until now — on her new’ish album, High as Hope.

ā¤ļø I’m obsessiveĀ in reading about Saturn’s Return lately. I’m super novice when it comes to astrology, so I’ll let Nicole articulate. Her post hits the nail on the headĀ (and close to home.) Thanks, babe.

?Ā Three confidence-boosting lessons Katie learned that have helped her in relationships. (Ps: She’s since newly engaged. Hey, girl!)


… āœŒļø

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