What Your Mind and Closet Have in Common - Among Other Things (The Blog)

What Your Mind and Closet Have in Common

… it’s so much more than you think.

Excerpts from my journal for a little motivation this Monday, my loves…

“You need to learn how to select your thoughts
the same way you select your clothes — every day.”

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I love this line from Elizabeth Gilbert’s memoir, “Eat Pray Love.

“If you want to control things in your life, work on the mind. That’s the only thing you should be trying to control.”


Eat, Pray, Love” is all about a woman’s quest to find peace, balance and healing in her life through travel. (We’ve all read or seen it, yeah?)

I curled up to watch the movie over the weekend, and (even though I’ve read the book) I found myself reaching for a journal 10 minutes in.

I’ll spare you the tangent, but in short, journaling is something that’s been providing a lot of perspective and  balance as of late.

…Yes, writing! Ironic, right?

I know. But I’m talking pen-to-paper realness here, people.

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I’ve never really been the type to keep a journal — keep being the operative word — until I began a deeper journey of self-love and awareness this year. Or said another way, I started wanting to get my shit together.

Physically writing things down helps me notice patterns, blind spots and — well, it just makes me feel better and balanced. So I do it.


There is so much underlying thought in our actions — personally, these are what I call blind spots.

Like, so much. I don’t think we realize just how much of it causes tension and resistance elsewhere our lives until we remove them from our mind and place them elsewhere (like on a piece of paper).

And that’s why I’ve been writing mine down.

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But back to the movie. For whatever reason, that one really struck me:

“You can choose your thoughts just like you choose your clothes.”

I paused (approximately 100 minutes after finally locating the damn remote — too real).

“Your closet is a lot like your mind,” I scribbled.

“What do you normally choose to wear/to think about?”

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And then it hit me:

Uh, my closet is a fucking mess. Quite possibly, perhaps, the worst it’s ever been. Straight up disaster zone that spills out into the rest of my bedroom.

I kept writing — and shit got real:

“I don’t take the time to treat my nice (“expensive”) things well… Do I do the same with people I love/important relationships?”

“I let piles build up — and even keep things with stains and rips on them. Even freshly cleaned laundry is sometimes left in a pile rather than sorted.

“Too much stuff/I can never make a decision — so I’ll wear (choose) whatever is easy, familiar and accessible.”


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Having a chaotic closet turns getting dressed into a miserable experience — and clutter will compete for attention until it’s addressed (physical or not).

“Half of it I haven’t worn in ages. WTF was I thinking with that Zara blouse? Why did I *need* to have those Charlotte Olympia platform shoes, again?”

“Some pieces I can’t seem to get rid of, though — why? I don’t wear them, yet they still sit there and take up space.”

See what I mean?

Your mind is a lot like your closet.


Clean it out.

Create some space.

Let go of what no longer fits.

Take care of what remains.

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