Cool Sh*t to Share: Vol 62 - Among Other Things (The Blog)

Cool Sh*t to Share: Vol 62

New dating app strategies, birthday things & a quick call for kindness…

Happy Friday, guys. This week felt like it both dragged on and flew by — if that makes sense. Yes? Maybe?

I celebrated a birthday, as you might have seen, so no real complaints here. Above all else, I’ve absolutely loved reading your e-mails and comments in response to my “33 lessons” post.

Thank you very much for the well-wishes, by the way! 

Here’s a similar post I wrote on my 29th birthday… Ohhhh, the things you’d tell your younger self. You know? And PS: How different do I look!

(One of my favorite blog posts of all time, nonetheless: 29 things I learned in my 20’s.)

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Just a modest “celebration” this year, mainly with my family — but in case you’re wondering, here’s a few things I got: A vintage-looking piece of luggage, most exciting, which Mom and I found it on sale at Tar-jay. Yessss!

In addition, some much-needed new perfume (in scent 602), a set of stainless steel cocktail straws (’cause I’m a huge nerd), this plaid scarf and the most adorable journal of sorts, called “Letters to Me: Write Now, Read Later.”


… Oh!

And a haircut/color, as shown. I so, so desperately needed that. Grays be-gone, bitch!

(Form my local ladies: I go to George the Salon in Chicago and see Kelsey for cut, Nicole for color. Not sponsored, just sharing. Should I see if I can get ya’ll a first-time client discount? I’ll report back next week/on Instagram…)

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Here are the rest of this week’s links I loved:

☁️  Let it be: How to control your thoughts so they don’t control you.

Six habits of lucky people — an interesting take on how to create and increase your own “luck.”

?  FYI: Monogrammed candles are only $15 at Anthro today — while supplies/letters last.

?  Ugly Christmas sweater season! This one with a Rudolph hood is $9.99 — and actually so f’ing cute.

? My all-time winter skin savior: FRESH Beauty Vitamin Nectar Vibrancy Boosting Mask. I will tell you this all season long; it seriously leaves your skin looking so much better and brighter.

?  Feeling down on dating apps? Here’s three new approaches to try.

?  Nine nutrients said to help the body overcome addictive behaviors, mood disorders, anxiety and other mental health “issues.” (A good read in general.. The more you know, right?)

? File under sh*t you definitely don’t need (but, like me, will buy anyway since it’s $12.99): Merry Everything holiday doormat.

? Anyone looking for a 1BR apartment in Chicago (River North)? My neighbor is subletting hers after the holidays; free to send me a message or DM, if so!


? Lastly, not to shift toward too somber of a note; but if you have a moment:

A dear friend is fighting for her life against Chronic Late Stage Lyme Disease and her treatment deposit ($30,000) is today.

She’s still got $2,000 to go, so if you can donate any amount (within your means) — even just offer up a prayer or social media share — your kindness would not go unnoticed. Click here to help/read her story. I’m always so humbled by the things you guys will rally around and what we achieve together as a little community/corner of the Internet.

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Hope you have a lot to look forward to this weekend!

x, Hallie


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