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Where to Take Photos in Chefchaouen

Postcards from Morocco’s most photogenic city, Chefchaouen — plus where to find (exact locations of) the best Instagram photo spots.

Salaam, my friends! 👋

Salaam is a traditional Moroccan greeting which loosely translates to hello/peace/how are you/etc — and yes, Morocco is where I am at the moment!

The best staircases and places to take instagram photos in Chefchaouen blue city of morocco

Our Remote Year group transitioned from Cape Town to Marrakech at the end of January — and we’ll be spending the next four weeks living in The Red City of Morocco.

(… More to come on Marrakech next week.)

chefchaoune photo locations_3

Since we had a full week to get settled in Marrakech, experience the city and get caught up on some work, a group of us opted to spend a long weekend traveling through a few cities in northern Morocco — incuding Tangier, Fes and Chefchaoune.

chefchaouen photo locations best instagram exact locations


Chefchaouen has always been one of those Pinterest-worthy bucket-list locations for me. You may not recognize the name — or know how to pronounce it — but Chefchaouen (Chef-show-en) is arguably Morocco’s most photogenic city.


Quick modern history lesson:

“Chaouen” is an cute-and-quaint mountain village in northern Morocco. The city is known for being incredibly photogenic because of it’s iconic blue buildings; and for anyone who plans or dreams of traveling to “The Blue Pearl City” one day, you’ll want to bookmark this post…

travel blogger shares chefchaoune photo locations_1

The city itself is small and windy and fantastic to get lost in, but there are a few specific spots and iconic staircases in Chefchaouen that make for the best Instagram photos.

Here’s how to find their exact locations:

The best places (exactly) to take photos in Chefchaouen

    1. Search Google Maps for Restaurant Beldi Bab Ssour; the area nearby is where you’ll find all of the blue houses
    1. The street where you’ll find Lina Ryad & Spa has a lot of fantastic photography spots
    1. The iconic staircase with all of the flower pots (that you see all over Instagram) can be hard to find, but it’s exact coordinates are 35.1701, -5.2632.
where is the famous staircase for instagram photos in chefchaoeun
chefchaoune photo locations_3
chefchaoune photo locations_3
chefchaoune photo locations_3
chefchaoune photo locations_3

As far as outfits go, I didn’t pack very well for Chefchauone — since I’ve been good about not shopping much overseas. Thankfully, though, my Remote Year roomie, Greta, did. (Notice we switched blue and orange sweaters at one point in the day?)

On that note, I’ve been wearing different variations of the same thing over the past month in an effort to budget and travel light:

These Madewell slides, a khaki-colored belt bag (the exact style I’m wearing is from a local store but here is a similar style under $70) and a pair of black leggings are my almost-everyday ensemble.

… I packed four pairs of these leggings, to clarify — they’re only $19!

I have so many more photos of the ever-majestic Morocco to share — and I’m working on creating a few different Moroccan travel itineraries for you this month (as well a post on my advice for first-time travelers to Morocco — females especially).

Until then… Cheers from Chefchaouen. Hope you enjoyed a little peek inside one of Morocco’s most picturesque mountain villages.

chefchaoune photo locations_1

*In this post:

Celine sunglasses
Just Cruizin’ belt bag (ZA brand, similar under $70 here)
Madewell slides (also available in black)
High-waist black leggings (I have four pairs)
Similar blue sweater and orange sweater


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