Hot, Hot, Hot

Want to know the fastest, sure-fire way to (1) ridding your body of a hangover and (2) hating yourself?

Perfect Pairings: Floral on Stripes

Sometime early morning last week, I was struck by the inability to choose between floral and stripes. (I’m blaming the snooze button, obv.)  Floral and stripes. Stripes and florals. Do you remember that scene in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective? Finkle and Einhorn. FINKLE AND EINHORN! That was me standing in front of my closet. Side-bar. […]

Summer Separates

At this very moment, it’s likely that I’m daydreaming, envisioning a carefree version of myself wandering aimlessly around the Hamptons wearing a colorfully designed maxi dress or skirt. Unfortunately, my job (and, well, life in general) prevents this from becoming a consistent reality, but at least the second half of that fashionable fantasy is ownable. Enter: Persifor. […]

Dental Chic

Last week, a (male) coworker of mine stopped to ask if I’d borrowed my super-chic Club Monaco waistcoat from the dentist’s office.^ After a brief trip to the bathroom for some mirror examination, I determined that my new favorite find may, in fact, look like a lab coat… Either way, owning it! I haven’t been […]

Cool Sh*t to Share, Vol. 19

Happy Friday, you guys. I hope you’ve found a handful of opportunities to feel good this week… Quite simply. Before we get into it, I need to tell you that some VERY big (and very permanent) changes are coming to the site next Friday. I’m anxious about them, but I’ve been working so hard (and so quietly) on […]

The Blush Blazer

Nothing says “back to work” like a blush-colored blazer…. … Or at least, that’s what I told myself when I found this style on sale last week.

Fifty Shades of Grey

It seems silly to post one of my favorite faux fur ensembles when it’s 70 degrees out (yaaaas!), but consistency hasn’t been key this season in the Windy City, so…