Oh, hey!

Hi! I’m Hallie. I travel for fun and blog for a living.

Here, you can expect to find lots of travel-related content — plus, outfit inspo, life chats and an overall no bullsh*t approach to balancing life, dating, health and wellness… Among Other Things.

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About Hallie:

  • Likes: Football, music, red wine, late night life chats
  • Dislikes: Flight delays, gum chompers, voicemails
  • Background: Digital marketing & social media
  • Favorite hobby: DJ’ing

I’m a Midwest native (Cleveland) and current digital nomad, although I’ve called Chicago, Scottsdale and New York “home.”

Recently, I’ve traveled through Portugal, Morocco, Cape Town, Australia, Croatia and Switzerland.  I love to travel solo and this video I made will explain why.


About Among Other Things:

I started blogging for-fucking-ever ago (in 2010). Eventually, I quit my job and started blogging full-time and then I started teaching fitness.

The site was initially called “corals + cognacs, but I rebranded to Among Other Things in 2016 to better encompass the variety of topics we talk about around here. If you have more questions, I’ve probably answered them here (it’s a work-in-progress, so bare with me).

I’d love for you to click here and subscribe to e-mail updates (I won’t spam you, promise) so you never miss a post — and please free to connect with me on Twitter and Instagram too!

Cheers, babe.

x, Hallie