10 Career Lessons I Learned Last Weekend

I went to an annual blogging conference over the weekend (hosted by rewardStyle, a monetization platform for bloggers); so today, I’m bringing you a recap of ten general career lessons I walked away with after the conference… Eight things of which I strongly agreed with — and two I did not.

Be a Better Blogger, Vol. 4: Manage Your Money

Turning your blog into a business can be a very overwhelming process — and I’m speaking from experience. Before we start, though, I should back up a moment. If you’re serious about making money from your blog (/turning it into a business), these are the things you should already be doing consistently:

Be a Better Blogger, Vol. 2: Mastering Social Media

All right, my friends. Here it is: The follow-up post to our last discussion on How to Make Your Blog a Business. Ironically, I spent most of the past weekend in Hilton Head — and offline. I’m sure you can relate to this, but when you feel like you’re living a lifestyle that’s constantly connected, you crave time […]

Be a Better Blogger, Vol. 1: Find Balance

Today’s post is in response to the question I asked you about freelancing and blogging full-time, posted two weeks ago. I intended to share it with you last week, but well, shit happens. Sorry guys;  sometimes you have to prioritize – especially if you’re a one-woman-show running your own biz-nass (with another job ramping up). … These “things” […]

Why I Left My Job

Well, this update is a bit overdue. Today is all about the challenge of looking at your life from a unique perspective. And in order to challenge you to do so, we’ll use mine as an example. A lot of you have been wondering about this, so I’ll just come out and say it: I quit my full-time […]

What you need to know about #NYFW

Oh, Fashion Week. Every season, it comes out nowhere — and after seven blurry days of street style, cross-town cabs, booze and ankle blisters, it’s gone as quickly as it comes. Quite a few of you have asked me about New York Fashion Week this year — and mainly, how you can become a part of it. I […]