Fashion Week Recap

You know that nagging feeling that you get in your gut on a Saturday night? The one when you don’t really want to go out, but for whatever reason you feel like you should — so get dressed and do it anyway. Generally, it ends the same way:

Fashion Week Recap, Day 3: 22 Hours

Well, I know I said this post was going to be up yesterday, but some things happened — like Monday Night Football, friendly peer-pressure and the return of red wine season. So, not my fault! But hey — that actually segues quite nicely into our final Fashion Week shitshow recap, so let’s get to it.

90-degree Simplicity

So, by now, I think we’ve established that New York Fashion Week breeds some interesting ensembles both on and off the runway. Quirky color combos, strange silhouettes — you name it. And we aren’t just talking about the catwalk.

Fashion Week Recap, Day 1: 17 Hours

Late last week, another season of New York Fashion Week arrived in all of its glory. For me, that means racing around town to bring you the latest and greatest of what’s new this season. And — as we’ve learned in the past — get myself into some seriously hilarious shenanigans. With no further introduction needed — let’s do […]

In My Bag: Fashion Week Essentials

Today’s the day. It’s finally here! … And I am utterly unprepared, per usual, which will make for some high-quality content around here the next few days. Oh, and you know what that means: FASHION WEEK RECAPS ARE COMING!