Behind the Scenes at Target’s Fall Fashion Show, Part 3

Today’s post marks the third and final installment in our behind-the-scenes recap of Target’s fall fashion show (and thankfully, everything you’ve seen in these posts is now available online/in-store). Today, I want to chat about my favorite focal point throughout the series — the clothing, shoes and accessories, of course.

Behind the Scenes at Target’s Fall Fashion Show, Part 2

Two weeks ago, I took you backstage at the Target fall fashion show to peep the runway style and fresh-faced make-up trends. We’re headed back there today, but under a bit of a different lens. Instead, I wanted to focus on one of the beauty trends that emerged (both from the runway and, as a result, my […]

11 Lessons NYFW Taught Me (About Life)

A friend and I were talking about this yesterday, but holy s—. Fashion Week was less than two weeks ago! Despite how much time it feels has passed (months), I’m nearly 100% back in the swing of things at the office and in life in general. But not without sharing 11 things I learned during my time in The […]


On the final day of Fashion Week (… Day 6?), I was far too tired, hungover and laundry-deprived to coordinate a thoughtfully-layered, pulled-together outfit. Thus, a dress and booties would have to suffice. Shopbop sale to the rescue!


The temperatures are finally starting to cool in New York City, and as my friend Meg so aptly said last night: “I feel about fall the same way that Buddy the Elf feels about Christmas.”

Behind the Scenes at Target’s Fall Fashion Show

I think I’m still recovering from this weekend’s Limsanity — with an actual shopping hangover.  Were you able to snag a Pashli doppelgänger? If not, don’t lose hope — let’s wait for the online returns to trickle back in. As you might know from my (Day 1) Fashion Week recap, I was lucky to attend a variety of […]

Fashion Week Recap: Day 3, 14 hours

In the wake of yesterday’s post, I think we’ve all earned a laugh or two today. I have another update from Fashion Week to share, so hopefully that’ll do the trick. When I initially started these recaps, I was a bit nervous that I wouldn’t have enough entertaining, diverse content to write about. Then I […]


If you’re back here today look for another Fashion Week recap, it’s coming — I’ll post it later tonight and/or tomorrow morning. A lot happened on Day 3 (cliff notes version: booze, tears and WANG), so I have quite a few thoughts, photos and anecdotes to share. It’s worth the wait!

Fashion Week Recap: Day 2, 14 hours

Hello and happy Monday! I’m back with another update from New York Fashion Week. Here’s an update on what went down for Day 2: 7:00 a.m. Alarm sounds. Instead of snoozing, I wake up in a panic, not knowing what time or day it is. 7:05 a.m. Still disoriented, I boil hot water for tea […]