A Laid-Back Look in Dark-Wash Denim

Oh, man. (…Drake voice: “Oh man, oh man.”) Monday, guys… Ready or not. This weekend was great — but between lots (and I mean LOTS) of eating, a rowdy “Friendsgiving” and teaching Soul to a group of 20+ frat boys, I’m beat. And when that happens, ain’t nobody got time to stress over what they’re wearing day-in and day-out, […]

Advice from a Fitness Instructor: Where to Buy Workout Clothes

Over the past few weeks — and after last month’s post on ways that being a fitness instructor has changed my life, especially — I’ve received a few requests to blog about where I shop for workout gear. I’d intended to publish this last week, but wow — I had no idea just how much I had to share! Today, […]

How Becoming a Fitness Instructor has Changed My Life

Growing up, I’ve always been an athlete (I actually played soccer in college), but I never expected that I’d revolutionize my life through fitness — starting in my late-20’s, no less. My life has pivoted in a lot of ways since I made a gigantic career (/lifestyle) switch from my corporate job to the fitness industry — from […]


<a href=”http://ox-d.collectivelyinc.com/w/1.0/rc?cs=f6d50354c7&cb=INSERT_RANDOM_NUMBER_HERE” ><img src=”http://ox-d.collectivelyinc.com/w/1.0/ai?auid=537999115&cs=f6d50354c7&cb=INSERT_RANDOM_NUMBER_HERE” border=”0″ alt=””></a>Earlier this week I talked about treating the city as a playground, and this notion is especially so on Saturday afternoons — the one day each week when I can finally take a few hours to rest, recharge and hit my own reset button.

Happy Feet

A jam-packed day calls for a low-maintenance look, which is how this super-simple, chic ensemble was born.

My Quick Beauty Fix

As we’ve established, I pretty much sweat for a living — and as a result, the balance of looking professional without (1) destroying my skin and (2) toting around an entire freakin’ pharmacy has proven to be an ongoing battle.

Affordable Activewear

This week is apparently turning into athleisure week, but that’s one of realest peeks into my life ever, so let’s just go with it. <a href=”http://ox-d.collectivelyinc.com/w/1.0/rc?cs=6dcc7c4ee9&cb=INSERT_RANDOM_NUMBER_HERE” ><img src=”http://ox-d.collectivelyinc.com/w/1.0/ai?auid=537966031&cs=6dcc7c4ee9&cb=INSERT_RANDOM_NUMBER_HERE” border=”0″ alt=””></a>

In My Bag: Everyday Edition

Going from sweaty to ready in a matter of minutes is a practiced skill set, and one that I’ve got down to a science ever since I’ve started working in the fitness industry. *Old Navy muscle tee & compression pants; shop this look below: Oh, the stress over packing one’s handbag in the morning… The struggle, man. It’s so […]

Colorful Classics

Falling into a style rut is almost inevitable in the middle of winter — or spring, I guess, as this is some sick, slushy joke we’ve got going on this week. Especially so when you’re wearing workout gear for most of your day. (Training is almost over, guys!)

Athletic Aesthetic

Well, it’s 12:53 a.m. and I’m just sitting down to write this blog post, which is just how it’s been going for me lately… Don’t feel bad for me, though — this time, it’s my fault. That third tequila cocktail was totally my (bad) decision.