Street Art & the City

Living in New York City, street art abounds. Graffiti tends to get a bad rap, but for the most part, I think it gives the city an added layer of character – kind of like a tattoo. … And there’s a lot of character in today’s post.

Six Summer Beauty Tips

When summer rolls around (any day now, right?), I like to curtail my cosmetics to include just the bare basics. Despite the sticky, sweltering elements of summer, it is possible to keep your face from melting and your hair from frizzing. For today’s post, I’m sharing six of my best tips for staying beautiful this summer (on […]

30 Days of Beauty

Like any beauty buff, my physical approach to looking and feeling my best starts with skincare. And – again – like any beauty buff, I could kill an entire afternoon (and full month’s paycheck) in Sephora.

What’s In Her Bag?

Do you ever wonder what fashion industry insiders carry in those massive designer handbags? I’ve got five examples in today’s post.

Target Trends, Vol. 8: Jewel Tones

As it’s been evidenced in my most recent outfit posts, I’m becoming partial to dressing in a palette of black-and-white. I love a good statement piece, though, and more often than not, a pop of color can easily elevate your outfit to next-level notableness.

Target Trends, Vol. 5: Wish List

Regardless of whether I’m in-store or shopping online, Target and I consistently part ways $100 more than I’d intended. Especially so around the holidays, when I’m shopping for other people and for myself.

Target Trends, Vol. 4: Five Layered Looks

The art of layering is actually quite simple — if you have the right closet components. And from November to April (a harsh reality here on the East Coast), it’s all about your outerwear. The hardest part about dressing for the brisk months ahead is keeping your style fresh all season long. As a result, I’m sharing […]