Festive Fringe

Happy New Year, my friends! I hope you had a great weekend ringing in 2016. Should we play a game and see who suffered through the highest Uber surcharge? A casual 7.4x the usual rate, right here… Or something like that; you know how it gets a little hazy. Wink! Who else? (I read that it got […]

Holiday Gift Guide: Ideas for Guys

For my final gift guide of the season, let’s discuss the dudes. Grabbing a gift for the guys in your life always presents a particular holiday shopping challenge… And if you’re anything like me, you save ’em for last. Before we get into it, though, I’d like to note: Most (if not all) of these […]

Five No-Fail Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Christmas is right around the corner — quite literally… Four days away! Every year, it never fails — there always seems to be a few people on your list that are just downright difficult to shop for. (Mom? Your co-worker? That secret santa gift?) And the final few days of the holiday season, you might yourself scrambling to complete all […]

Cranberry Christmas Cocktails

Maybe it’s that newly-minted Midwest mentality — or the fact that I never mind an excuse to test-drive cocktail recipes — but I’ve shifted into more of an entertaining mindset this holiday season. And by that, I mean testing out cocktail recipes.

Holiday Gift Guide: Ideas for Clients & Co-Workers

One of the hardest holiday-related shopping tasks is picking up something for your office’s Secret Santa Gift exchange. It’s so hard to shop for a client or co-worker, isn’t it? And really, who’s trying to break the bank there? (And, I mean, if you are — let a girl know where you’re working and if they’re hiring.)

Holiday Gift Guide: Ideas for the Host & Hostess

I truly believe there’s an art-form to gift-giving — especially if someone’s gracious enough to invite you into their home (or to their holiday party). Plus, don’t you always remember the way someone made you feel when they gave you a particularly thoughtful card or gift? With the holiday season upon us, those social calendars […]

The Best Cyber Monday Sales of 2015

Happy Monday, you guys! Hope your holiday season has been a great one thus far. Going to be a bit hard to ease back into the work-week, isn’t it? I’ve mentioned this, but I have a love/hate relationship with holiday shopping. And by that, I mean I love sales and hate crowds — which is why I do my […]