Easy, Affordable Updates to Make in Your Space (Right Now!)

Small spaces can be difficult to decorate, no? You can probably relate, but this is a reality I’ve grown accustomed to having lived in a big city for most of my adult life. The key to looking like you’re living large is all in the details, though — and you don’t have to spend a fortune to make it […]

All Black Err’thang

Back to reality for a bit before I continue posting pics from Paris… (It takes awhile to comb through hundreds of photos! Thanks for your suggestions about what to include, though.) There are a lot of perks in moving to Chicago — but there’s definitely one aspect that remains the most appealing…

Four Habits for a Healthier You

I’m really not one to make New Year’s resolutions, but any type of significant change in life kinda forces you into developing certain (better) habits – whether it’s rooted in your career, family or health. I’ve touched on this a bit, but my new teaching schedule at SoulCycle requires me to teach 13-19 classes each week. As […]