My Offline Life >> March ’12 Photo Review

It’s official. We’re a quarter of the way  through 2012! Can you believe it? I hope your first few months have been as eventful and productive as mine have. And when I say productive, of course, I’m referring to the number of shoes I’ve added to my collection so far this year… Everybody’s got their […]

My Offline Life >> February ’12 Photo Review

February! An extra day (kind of), warming temperatures and lots to report… Highlights include trying out the topknot, playing dress up with designer Lara Miller, squeezing the last few wears out of my winter accessories, and adding a few new pairs of shoes to the collection… I know, I know; but I had to stock […]

My Offline Life >> January ’12 Photo Review

I realize it’s February, but I have to be honest with you: I just took down my Christmas decorations this week…. Most of them, anyway. January was a highly caffeinated month, as you’ve noticed if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram: Blogging, working, traveling, event-going, curating, resolution-fulfilling… I’ve even come to appreciate global warming, […]

My Offline Life: November Photo Review

Last month, I introduce a new series I’m planning to implement on the first of each month: a look at my offline life through the lens of my mobile phone. Appropriately enough, November’s theme is thanksgiving: for my followers, friends and family. If you’re new here, I’m so happy you stopped by. If we’ve met, […]

My Offline Life: October Photo Review

Today’s post is a day late (sorry!), but I was too eager to introduce our latest giveaway yesterday. Here, a look at my offline life in October through the lens of my cell phone: Hallowed holiday spirit, lingering sunshine and indian summer style.  Sunshine on the lake with bare legs or chiffon and sandals. ** A new humble abode… with […]