My Offline Life, Summer 2015

It’s been a minute since we’ve talked about things that stem from beyond fashion, hasn’t it? Not that that’s a bad thing, but way back in the day, I used to do monthly Instagram recaps — and I really loved them. Scary how quickly time passes, no? Most notably, it’s hard to believe I’ve been in Chicago […]

My Offline Life | July 2013: Revamp

Earlier this month, my sister inquired about the Instagram-oriented updates that I used to post on a monthly basis. I hadn’t forgotten about them, but my Editorial Calendar slipped a bit amid the hectic lifestyle I was trying to lasso this spring — mainly due to settling in at a new job and moving to […]

My Offline Life | July 2012: Gratitude

I’ve peaked, you guys. Seriously. July was an awesome month and I’m not convinced it can be topped. … Okay, partially true. I am looking forward to a number of things (so many blog-related events in the near-future; I can’t wait to tell you about them!), but July has been a month with much to […]

Week(end) Recap: Coastal Celebrations

Mid-week holidays throw my schedule for a loop. Case in point: Setting an alarm this morning. Weird, right? Today, it’s back to reality. Like, really, back to reality: I’m starting a new j-o-b in social media marketing and I couldn’t be more excited! Thank you all for your thoughtful comments and support via Twitter and Facebook. In […]

My Offline Life >> June ’12 Photo Review

Hello, Monday! I hope the weekend was a great one. I say some form of the following as each month passes, but I truly can’t believe we’re mid-way through the year. Can you? At any rate, July is shaping up to be a very busy month. No complaints here, though. If we’re friends on Facebook, […]

My Offline Life: May 2012

It’s June? Seriously? If you’re living at the rate I am, you’re probably asking the same question. In looking back through photos, though, it seems my days were filled with nada but shoes, nail polish, coconut cupcakes, coffee and beer… Hey, no complaints. Truthfully, I can’t help but marvel at what an incredibly humbling month […]