Je ne sais quoi

Today’s ensemble feels somewhat Parisian-inspired — or it did at the time, when I wore it in the days leading up to a semi-spontaneous trip to the City of Light.

Pleated Perfection

Come October, there’s a few weeks in Chicago that can only be described as magical. Instagram-worthy, basic bitch-style freakin’ magical. I know you know what I’m talking about.

An Unexpected Style Pairing

Wow, what a crazy couple of weeks it’s been… Lots of photos, updates, recaps and recommendations from a few recent jaunts to Paris, Napa and San Francisco will be up within the next few weeks; but in the meantime, I’m finally feeling ready to get back on track with my “boring” weekly work and workout routine for a bit. […]

Pom Pom High Heels

Fall seems to be slowly moving into the Windy City, and I’ve taken that as a good excuse to stock up on a few new fall staples. That’s the best thing about the changing seasons, no?

My Favorite Pair of Jeans (Under $50!)

It was 54 degrees when I checked my phone waiting for the elevator in my building yesterday morning. And raining, too, I should add… …But you know how you get just past that “ah, f–k it” point when you leave your home and don’t feel like turning back to grab one? Uber it is.